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Some Like it Hot! Nova Jalapeño

By Posted on 1 m read

If you like Nova, but you want it spicier, then, Jack ‘n Jill might have been considering your thoughts, as the multigrain snack is out with a new variant, this time, hotter!

The Nova Jalapeño is just going along with the summer heat with its spicy flavor seasoned on the fiber-rich snack.

Jack n Jill Nova Jalapeno (2)

Made with four wholesome grains – wheat, corn, oats and rice – the Nova Jalapeño is a guilt-free snack the goes well with your active lifestyle.

Nova Jalapeño is available now in leading groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores and sari-sari stores nationwide.

Jack 'n Jill Nova Jalapeño Spice

And though my favorite is the Nova Country Cheddar, I still find this Nova Jalapeño getting better to eat over time. It is like having the original Nova dipped in a spicier sauce.

Take note, that the Nova Jalapeño is not as spicy as you might think it is (or maybe I am just used to spicy food), but if you feel like you want more, an extra dip along with Nova Jalapeño wouldn’t hurt as well.

Nova is also available in Country Cheddar and Homestyle Barbeque flavors.

Jack n Jill Nova Jalapeno (1)

As for me, having a box load of Nova Jalapeño, can’t wait for another Monday night of Game of Thrones or probably another movie marathon of Star Wars or Bourne series or even Godfather Trilogy would be a great partner for my hot snack.

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