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Spicy Black Ramen and Beef Ishiyaki Rice at Ippudo

By Posted on 3 m read

If you like ramen with a blend of spices and curry, then the new limited edition Spicy Black of Ippudo can tickle your imagination to try it.

The Spicy Black is originally concocted in Ippudo Singapore. Probably, with people wanting a taste of laksa on their ramen, the Ippudo Singapore arrived in their own version of spicy ramen with curry, ergo, the Spicy Black.

Locally, Ippudo introduced the Spicy Black recently and I did not hesitate to give it a try.

Ippudo Spicy Black

To start with, I am fond of spicy food, and I like the laksa so I was anticipating something like of this sort.

So how is Ippudo Spicy Black like?

One word.


True to its name, with just one sip, the Ippudo Spicy Black lives up to its name, it is really hot and spicy. The Spicy Black is cooked in Ippudo’s signature tonkotsu broth enhance with spicy sesame sauce spicy Koyu oil and garlic oil. Served with flat noodels, pork belly, topped with curry flavored spicy nikumiso and clinatro. I preferred to have my flat noodles hard.

Ippudo Spicy Black Hard Noodles

I tasted the curry during the few first sips. But after some time, the hint of curry started to mellow down. I don’t know if the spicyness overpowered the other flavors in the Spicy Black ramen. It was only the taste of cilantro that made me stop. Hahaha. It is a personal choice not to have my food, most of it, without any of cilantro, coriander or celery. Though, I know, many Asian foods have those veggies for added taste. As for me, I prefer not to have them.

So, for those wanting really a HOT ramen from Ippudo, this one is for you.

The Spicy Black is only up for three (3) months in the Ippudo’s local menu. Better try it now. The Ippudo Spicy Black is available at P 490 per serving. You can add tamago for only P 30.


Another worth your money and time to try, is Ippudo’s Beef Ishiyaki Rice.

This flavorful rice meal is a mix of stewed beef with yakiniku sauce, melted butter, corn, cherry tomatoes, crisp garlic chips, french beans on a bed of Japanese rice.

It is served in a hot stone pot, so better be careful not to get too comfortable and accidentally burn yourself.

Ippudo Beef Ishiyaki Rice

The Beef Ishiyaki Rice is best eaten after pouring the sauce onto the rice and mix them altogether before eating. It is best prepare it as soon as it is serve to prevent the rice sticking or hardening due to heat from the hot pot.

What’s good about this meal is its meat. The beef is tender at the same time tasty. You can feel the flavor popping on your tongue as soon as you take the bite on the beef.

Ippudo Beef Ishiyaki Rice (2)

I enjoyed eating this one. But, if it were to be just a meal to share, it won’t suffice. As it may look huge on photo, but rest assured, it is good for one person only, unless, you’ll be having this on the side with a ramen or other dishes from Ippudo, then, the Beef Ishiyaki Rice can be shared.

You cannot be wrong trying the Beef Ishiyaki Rice, especially if you want a bit of buttery taste on your meals.

The Ippudo Beef Ishiyaki Rice is tagged at P 495 per plate.

Ippudo has two new drinks as well in their menu. The Mango Banana Smoothie and the Lemon Spritzer.

The Ippudo Mango Banana Smoothie is a combination of fresh bananas and mangoes mixed with coconut cream and cinnamon. While the Ippudo Lemon Spritzer is a concoction of freshly squeezed lemon, sparkling water tapped with mint leaves.

The two new drinks are available for P 140 a piece. Best served with any dishes at Ippudo.

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