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St. Peter Life Plan, Breakout Philippines ‘Solve’ Your Fear of Death

By Posted on 3 m read

While death is inevitable, only few people talk about in a realistic, and optimistic way. Understandably, since death means “end” to life, most people are evading the topic.

This is how St. Peter’s Life Plan public service program during the All-Soul’s Day, comes to play. The DeathCare Week assists people visiting their departed loved ones in cemeteries via free rides on pink tricycles, freebies from their pink tents and St. Peter’s most notable pink casket, that gives casket selfie feel a bit lighter.


The St. Peter’s DeathCare Week program subtly suggests people to be prepared for death. Preparing for death does not mean wishing or wanting to die immediately. Rather, protecting loved ones from the hassle of taking care of the departed.

This year is St. Peter‘s collaboration with Breakout Philippines, the country’s first and premier escape room games, make Filipinos celebrate UNDAS on a different level. Hosted in four locations, five (5) escape rooms especially designed for the season:

  • SM North EDSA – Boogeyman and Sleep No More
  • Greenbelt 5 – Corpse Bride
  • Kaitpunan – Clownhouse
  • Paragon Plaza – Hide and Seek

(Employees, Sales agents and St. Peter Life Plan Planholders can avail Php 100 from the booking fee upon presenting employee ID and plan contract.)


St. Peter’s partnership with Breakout Philippines is another subtle way of pointing out the “inescapable” reality of death and that preparing for it should be one of the considerations that people should look into.

Reality is, all of us will NEVER escape death. But at least, being prepared in some aspects of death can ease the burden, especially for the loved ones to be left behind. St. Peter’s personnel explained it explicitly to bloggers who attended, including me.

Many times that we see families of the departed carry the cost of burying their loved ones relatives and friends, not to mention, the emotional stress that death can bring. This is what makes memorial plans a practical thing to have:

  1. St. Peter Life Plans insures the plan holder and his / her loved ones get worry-free memorial services.
  2. Cost of memorial plans are usually cheaper than that of the actual memorial services.
  3. Payment scheme can be made in installment for memorial plans.
  4. If plan holder dies after 1 year and 1 day he acquired and paid for his or her plan, even if he or she hasn’t finished the payment of the plan, the plan is considered paid and the plan holder can avail the full services of the contract.
  5. The life or memorial plan can be transferred or assigned to others.

If you truly care for your loved ones, being insured is the way. Whether it is property, health, life or death insurance, it is a wise and caring thing to avail. Since it protects not just you, but also your family from burden.

Truly an act of love for people most special to you.

Personally, me and my fiancee talked about this. It may be a bit of scary to discuss, but, better talk about it now that when it is late.

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