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Taal Photowalk with RV Mitra and WD My Passport Wireless

By Posted on 3 m read

If you like watching tons of movies on your laptop and smart devices or you happen to be a photographer on-the-go or travel blogger perhaps, then this new storage from Western Digital will tickle your senses as this comes with “no strings attached.”

After its launch last year, the WD My Passport Wireless is one of the fastest moving storage devices of Western Digital in the country according to WD’s country Katherine Condes sales manager.

WD My Passport Wireless Taal Tour (8)

In a recent activity with pro photographer and WD brand ambassador RV Mitra, had a day with the media for a photowalk in Taal. Together with our model for the day, Chiara Marie Jayag Sarmiento.

RV Mitra gave us a crash course on outdoor portrait using natural light.

WD My Passport Wireless Taal Tour (1)

So, we headed out to Talisay, Batangas to take a 20 to 30-minute boat ride going to the foot of Taal Volcano.

Taal Volcano Crater Tour from Talisay Batangas
Then a nearly-an-hour horseback ride to get to the crater of Taal Volcano.

WD Taal Photowalk  (12)

After of almost an-hour ride, I was able to see how Taal Volcano looks like closely. There is beauty in calmness, indeed. And that is what Taal Volcano crater showed me. What beauty it possesses when it is not about to explode.

Rey Belen Taal Volcano Crater

The sight-seeing did not go too long before we had to do what we had to do at the crater – portrait photography lessons from RV Mitra.

WD My Passport Wireless Taal Tour (2)

With the use of natural light and the magic of reflectors, RV Mitra demonstrated some of his techniques on how to shoot a portrait.

After which, I tried taking photos of our model using a Canon 70D lent to me by Marvin Rey (thanks man!) for the session.

With brief “getting-to-know” part with the camera and a basic kitlens, here are some of the shots I took.

It was a hot day on top. And a great lunch prepared by WD Philippines for the media people was waiting for us in Pamana, Tagaytay.

So, when we got there, I drooled.

Not on the food, but on the actual WD My Passport Wireless.


Here are a few things:

1.  Wireless (Isn’t it obvious?)

You can let go of the wires just to connect to your media drive. With obviously many people wanting to be untangled, the WD My Passport Wireless surely gets things done without the wires.

Up to 8 devices can connect to it simultaneously (data). And up to 5 devices if for streaming movies, simultaneously (wow factor).

WD My Passport Wireless Taal Tour (6)

2. Fast and Efficient

I saw the WD My Passport Wireless in action as we contents were opened, transferred and even watched simultaneously. This wireless storage can also be connected via USB 3.0 cable if needed.

3. Photographer and Blogger-friendly

Just what I need basically. Carrying so many media cards is a NO-NO with this gadget, as it can transfer, copy and even cut all the contents automatically from a media card once you insert it. And that is just sweet!

It can read up to 128GB of media card.

WD My Passport Wireless Taal Tour (5)

4. Secure

It has safety and security features that the owner (administrator) has control over to the access level of the people he or she wants to have access to the storage. You can also control it using your laptop or smart device (iOS and Android)

5. Affordable (relatively)

At price point, the WD My Passport Wireless is a catch (as of writing time) already. With the features, portability and capacity, it is a good buy.

It is available in:

500 GB – P 7,590
1 TB – P 9,590
2 TB – P 11,990

6. Power

It takes only 3 hours to charge the WD My Passport Wireless fully and it can be used from 6-8 hours straight of simultaneous movie streaming of 5 devices (COOL!).

7. Warranty

It comes with two years of warranty.

So, if you ask me, definitely, this one is a must-have for people who stores so much on their drive (like me). Definitely, I wouldn’t mind having this one wrapped for me as a gift. Hehe.

Truly, one of the coolest gadgets to have.

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