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TCEB Strengthens Thai-Phil Bilateral Mice Cooperation Thru Exhibitions Platform

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With the economic progress of the Southeast Asian Region, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is taking big leaps to speed up the momentum that Thailand and neighbouring countries, including the Philippines, are getting through business summits and trade promotions.

TCEB sets to reinforce bilateral MICE collaboration and trade promotion between Thailand and the Philippines with innovative business solutions and strategic collaboration with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands (CCPI).

With this move, both the PCCI and TCEB are hopeful of the positive outcome of the projects and that it will be both beneficial to the countries involved and to the southeast asian region as a whole.

Following the official bilateral collaboration between TCEB and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands (CCPI) last year, Thailand welcomed 54 percent more visitors to their trade shows as compared with their 2012 figures.

TCEB is mounting “Thailand Moves Forward” exhibition road show, a vital activity in fostering camaraderie among agents and promote Thailand’s Connect Businesses Campaign among Filipino entrepreneurs. Participating are Thai trade show organizers IMPACT Exhibitions Services and Reed Tradex; as well as Philippines MICE travel agents. The event aims to foster.

TCEB is also exchanging content marketing with strategic partners in order to provide members of both chambers updated promotion information, underlining strategic framework under the MOU signed last year.

“In line with 2015’s ASEAN integration, TCEB has also developed an initiative dubbed ASEAN MICE which is set to strategically connect Thailand with regional alliances in the Philippines. TCEB aims to achieve long-term competitiveness and sustainability for the service sectors of Thailand together with partner- markets especially for the exhibition industry. In line with this TCEB also actively collaborates with other counterparts and government agencies under ‘Thai Team’ including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Department of International Trade Promotion in moving Thailand’s MICE industry forward,” said Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, TCEB president.

TCEB is now working closely with key public and private sector partners to promote and reinvigorate the country’s positive image, reinforcing stakeholders’ understanding of Thailand’s key MICE industry strengths: diverse destinations right at the heart of the fast growing AEC region, unrivalled business opportunities, and high quality MICE professionals and standards. Ongoing initiatives such as the Thailand CONNECT campaign reinforce these unique assets, while offering generous incentives and seamless support to international organisers, the TCEB chief added.

Thailand’s exhibition’s key industries include food & agriculture, machinery & auto parts, print & packaging, energy, jewellery, tourism & wellness, medical & healthcare. Other high growth and in-demand ASEAN industries in Thailand include transportation, ICT, energy, education, culture and tourism.

This year Thailand is home to a various international exhibitions including Recharge Expo Thailand 2014, ISRMAX Asia Expo 2014, Pharmex Asia 2014, Food & Hotel Thailand 2014, Thailand Lab 2014, BMAM Expo 2014, Green Building and Reprofit Expo Asia 2014, Pulire Asia Pacific 2014, Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bangkok 2014, Gasma Print 2014, Cosmex 2014, In-Cosmetic Asia 2014, ACIEC 2014, EcoLightTech Asia 2014, Sign Asia Expo 2014, CACF 2014, Smart Rail Congress Trade & Expo 2014, Metalex 2014, Motor Expo 2014.

Pool of Incentive Programs for Stakeholders
TCEB has developed a number of incentive programs for visitors and exhibitors:

CONNECT Businesses BIG Bonus Campaign – An exclusive group visitor promotion for Filipino businessmen to incentivize business-oriented leads and participants of international trade shows in Thailand. A US100 is given for every business matching made between a participant and a Thailand exhibitor; for each participant for a group of 5. Eligible participants are trade promoters, members of chamber of commerce, business trade associations, overseas industrial publications, overseas non-profit organizations, and MICE travel agents. Promo is valid from August till December, 2014.
Be My Guest – A buyer appreciation program for potential buyers around the globe. Each organizer will receive 10 room nights free.
Spice Up Your Business Agenda – An online program designed for business travellers to gain utmost experience in Thailand through special privileges for restaurants and leisure.

Thailand Exhibition Industry Stands Firm with Readiness
Thailand has been ranked the world’s largest producer of natural rubber and cassava, and one of the top 10 global manufacturers of vehicles and parts. In addition, Thailand is ASEAN’s second largest economy with key exports include vehicle parts and accessories, computers, refined fuel, rubber and plastic. Moreover, Thailand is globally ranked 18th on Ease of doing business report in 2014 conducted by the World Bank and party to 11 bilateral free trade agreements with countries both in Asia and around the world.

Reported by the Union des Foires International (UFI), exhibition industry in Asia has consistently increased by 14 percent in the last five years, dominated by Southeast Asia with its continuous growth since 2012. According to “The Trade Fair Industry of Asia 10th Edition, 2014” reported by UFI, Thailand’s trade fair industry is the 8th largest trade fair market in Asia, the first in Southeast Asia. The country was also the first in ASEAN in net square meters sold of 506,250 sqm. as well as in terms of exhibition venues with a capacity of 222,984 sqm. From nine international exhibition centres, Thailand has achieved to deliver business opportunities for exhibition operators and business owners from across the globe.

In 2013, Thailand succeeded in welcoming 191,319 exhibitions visitors, a 16.4 per cent growth from a previous year, earning over US$480 million to the economy. In 2014, TCEB expects to see a rise of five percent in international exhibitions visitors to 181,200 visitors, and a 10 per cent rise in income to US$513 million, while the overall MICE industry is expected to welcome 888,210 MICE visitors, earning to Thai economy a total of US$ 2,907 million.

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