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The Big Move by Dulcolax to Promote Promote Colon Care

By Posted on 2 m read

Constipation is a medical condition that many people suffer from yet do not talk about seriously, worse, address seriously. And since this condition involves painful defecation, more often than not, people tend to find it “shameful” to discuss and thus many suffer in pain, silently.

Constipation, directly and indirectly, affects many people of their day-to-day affairs. Such a condition can even be a symptom for a more severe ailment.

Normal bowel movement is 3 to 4 times a week. Any movement lower than this and posing pains during defecation, is already a sign of constipation.

Dulcolax Constipation Facts

Recently, Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines Inc., through one of their Consumer Healthcare pillar brands, (Bisacodyl) Dulcolax announced their campaign to fight against constipation and have better colon health.

Dubbed as “The Big Move” Dulcolax recently launched their campaign to fight constipation and make Filipinos more aware of better colon care. The campaign is a way to get proper resources and information for people who do not want to openly talk about constipation and yet seek to resolve it.

Dulcolax The Big Move

The Big Move has its digital campaign in the social media, so that Filipinos can have access to information to fight constipation.

And in order for the Dulcolax to promote “The Big Move” campaign, the anti-constipation brand,¬†tapped two female Philippine celebrities to promote their cause: Angelica Panganiban and Regine Tolentino.

Interviewed by the comic antics of Jayson Gainza, in the persona of Tito Boy, Angelica Panganiban and Regine Tolentino answered some of their personal experiences when they battle against constipation.

Medical Manager for Consumer Healthcare of Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr. Melvin Pasay, said that laxatives, like Dulcolax can properly help people suffering from constipation. Acknowledging that there is a medical condition or issue, is the first stage of curing constipation.

Second, would be seeking proper medical attention and having the right knowledge about constipation. This is one aspect that Dulcolax wants to answer – online resource that people can freely have access to read and even share about their constipation problems, experiences and solutions.


Dulcolax, as a medicine, and as a brand advocate against constipation, is all out now for Filipinos to take “The Big Move” against this medical condition and achieve better colon care.

For more information, visit their Facebook account at Colon Care PH.


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