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Travel: Matabungkay Beach Hotel

By Posted on 4 m read

If you’re up for a vacation near Metro Manila, and would want beach, good food and spacious place, then here’s an article for you.

Last weekend, we went to “Matabungkay Beach Hotel” to attend their “Batangas Food Festival where they showcase native foods with different twists provided by Pinoy Junior Master Chef finalists (more about it here).

Matabungkay Beach Hotel is located in Lian, Batangas, western part of the province. It takes two hours or more drive from Makati through Santa Rosa Exit passing by Tagaytay.

It boasts of its 90 room-hotel along the beach line facing South China Sea and Lubang Island. The hotel is able to accomodate solo backpacker, couples and even groups (like family and friends).

Matabungkay Beach Hotel has been in the business for more than 30 years – as one of the early commercial business investments in the location, just after the popularity of the beach line some 50 years ago.


Their overnight package for a room starts at Php 3,700 (as of November 4, 2012) up to more than Php 6,000.

For a deluxe room., which is good for two persons, it cost Php 3,700 for an overnight stay. The room that I was into was the De Luxe room 261. The room was spacious for even two people. It has two beds, air conditioning unit, hot/cold shower, TV with cable connection and access to the beach and pool.a veranda overlooking at the beach (also probably for smokers), with a table and chairs.

Room upgrades for bigger capacity is also available on their site at


If there is one thing that Matabungkay Beach Hotel can sport of, it is their food. During my stay, I was able to try their EXCLUSIVE offerings for the month of November showcasing a fusion of homegrown Batangas dishes – done by Pinoy Junior Master Chef finalists (read this article: Batangas Food Festival at Matabungkay Beach Hotel)

I was able to try their Kalderetang Kambing and Binarakong Baka. Plus, an exclusive dessert concocted by Chef Manny of Magnolia for Matabungkay Beach Hotel.

The food I tasted were great – offering a unique blend for guests to taste. (article here: Food Review: Matabungkay Beach Hotel Dishes)

During our stay there at the hotel, it was a packed weekend, coming-off from a series of holidays, thus, Ms. Charley Leviste-Antonio of Matabungkay Beach Hotel, said that it is the management’s call that during fully-booked situations, they offer buffet for a reasonable price. So as not to compromise the quality of service.

The lunch buffet during my stay offered four viands plus two desserts for only Php 300. A mix of vegetables, fish and meat were offered.

Here is a summary of the facilities in Matabungkay.


  • Swimming Pool (available only up to 11pm) – their pool towels are thick and comfortable, which those are for the rooms and though the room towels are good – just thought that the pool towels were better. ;-)Souvenir Store (which I forgot to buy a shirt from, arrrgh)
    • Kids
    • Adult
  • Spa – (I wasn’t able to try, maybe next time, when we have more time at the resort)
  • Cogon Bar
  • Cafe Caballero – restaurant that offers buffet and set meals
  • Games Area (Billiards, Dart and Ping pong)
  • Sports Area (Basketball and Volleyball) and Outdoor Big sized chess
  • KTV
  • Camp site
  • Grill Place

Personally, I think Matabungkay Beach Hotel can still offer more with a very BIG space spanning across the whole property, any expansion for additional facilities can definitely be accommodated by the huge lot.



  • VERY spacious rooms (as in spacious), even for the deluxe rooms (2 persons) can accommodate more than that.
    • Each room has Fire Extinguisher and mini bar
    • Each room A veranda overlooking the beac
    • Hot and Cold Shower
    • Cable connection for TV
  • Great view of the beach for sunset and sunrise viewing
  • Spacious parking
  • With other recreational activities like basketball, volleyball, chess, billiards, dart, KTV, table tennis, children’s playground
  • Relatively near Metro Manila – very accessible and smooth road leading to the place
  • Reasonable price
  • Great Food


  • CRT TV only (though not a big deal)
  • Doors not yet using key cards (compared to recently constructed hotels)
  • WIFI is only available at Cafe Caballero and lobby

Charley Leviste-Antonio said that many parts of the whole resort is from its original structure – keeping the tradition of the how the business is known for through the years.

Including their Cafe Caballero, their restaurant which is a stone-throw’s away from the lobby, is noticeably Filipino-themed done by National Artist Leandro Locsin dated back more than 30 years ago.


Matabungkay Beach Hotel is a must-try resort, especially if you want a place near Manila, with good food, good outdoors, fun activities with family and friends at affordable rates.


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