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Underwater Photography in a Snap from LifeProof

By Posted on 3 m read

LifeProof cases recently sponsored a free underwater photography lesson. That didn’t take me too long to decide to go and take the “plunge” into the underwater photography.

Who wouldn’t right? Aside from being interesting, it is also a free event.

Anyway, it was in Power Mac Training Center in Makati that the lessons where taught.

Mr. Wowie Wong, a seasoned underwater photographer and member of a local group , gave us a crash course on the underwater photography and how does it differ from the conventional photography.

LifeProof Underwater Photography Wowie Wong

I was very interested as to wonders in the depths plus the challenges you have to undergo just to take those shots.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Battery replacement cannot be done underwater
  • Lenses cannot be also changed
  • Media Cards cannot be also replaced
  • Limited time available to be underwater – relative to the air tank you carry
  • Subject to Decompression sickness, plus other risks being underwater

So, compared to the conventional photography, going underwater really takes more critical and thorough thinking. As the limits will give you more challenges along the way.

I must say, that underwater photography is a no-nonsense hobby, neither is it cheap.

If you think photography is an expensive hobby, wait until you think you are going underwater, as the devices for you to do that cost as much as your camera, or even more.

Not to mention the diving lessons you have to take, and the expenses you should consider before the actual dive.

BUT, a big but, the costs outweighs the benefits of seeing first hand, the things that only a few can see. And you, being an underwater photographer can take those wonderful sights and show them to world.

I mean Wowie Wong and the people from LifeProof need not to convince me too much that underwater photography should be in my bucket list, along side with skydiving. I can be a little extreme (only if my finances would allow me to. Hahaha)

Wowie Wong LifeProof

Wowie Wong has been doing underwater photography for more than a decade already. I mean, he has invested a lot of money, time and effort to doing this. He goes more than 100 meters in diving, that not many neophyte divers, I believe, would be trying in their first few dives.

But if you’re just into snorkeling and wanted to take photos within 6 feet underwater, then, you can go with LifeProof cases.

I mean, underwater photography using expensive DSLRs is serious business… even for a hobby. Unless you are really so rich of course.

Nevertheless, whether deep or shallow underwater photography using waterproof cameras, iPhone with LifeProof cases or expensive DSLRs in underwater rigs, the fun part is still enjoying what you see in the water, and creatively taking photos of them for your friends and loved ones to appreciate.

Personally, I prefer having iPhone 5s “LifeProof-ed” in the near future. As more serious underwater photography can cost more time and money for me. In the mean time, I can settle with simple snorkeling and underwater pool shot with friends and family. Hahaha!

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