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Urban Man-made Sky Garden in the Mall

By Posted on 2 m read

Law of supply and demand. Very true in most cases, including real estate.

As more people populate areas, lots continue to be fewer by the day. Thus, the emergence of rising buildings as residences.

Same goes to both agricultural and ornamental lands, particularly in the urban areas in the Philippines like Metro Manila wherein more buildings are being built.

SM North Sky Garden

It is an inevitable result of the necessity to move forward to progress.

However, it nice to see that more local-based buildings are adapting to what the Germans have started in the 1970s, called the Roof Garden.

Neighboring countries like Singapore, which we know has limited amount of land area and natural resources. Yet, their country, invested on roof gardening thus attributing many good factors as a result of the move, according to green-roof development consultancy managing director Ho Wan Weng of Verditecture.

In the case of the Philippines, particularly the urban areas, it is high time to make this same move to “greenify,” if there is such a word, the buildings. And I’ve seen some establishments doing it.

SM North Sky Garden

Two good examples are the SM North and SM Aura where the mall giant invested on vegetating large parts of their roofs.

Called as Sky Gardens, these two roof gardens provide both aesthetic, environmental and health values to customers.

These two Sky Gardens give that sense of calmness to customers as they wander off the green area for photos, relaxation and even chat-time with companions.

The SM Sky Gardens reduces the effect of environmental hazards in the area like low air and water quality, high temperature and excessive power consumption.

SM North Sky Garden

As for me, I would love to see more of these roof gardens across many building in the urban areas.

There is always room for environmental improvement amidst the progress, this may be one of it.

I wonder if SM would also offer in the future, fresh greens being picked from the Sky Gardens and have it as your own salad?

Hmmm… Who knows right?

How about you? What’s your take on this?

Comment below.

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