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Valentino Rossi Visits Philippines to Help Yamaha Lends a Hand Project for Yolanda Survivors

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MotoGP fans in the Philippines must have heard that “THE” Valentino Rossi visited the Philippines.
The Italian MotoGP champ came in February 23 to the Philippines to support the Yamaha’s effort to help the Typhoon Yolanda survivors. 

Valentino Rossi’s presence intensified the project of the Japanese motor company “Yamaha Lends a Hand Project” to support the victims of the dreaded typhoon.

Valentino Rossi Yamaha

Rossi’s arrival was very timely for the opening leg of Yamaha GP 5 which was held at SM City Santa Rosa. Before the race officially began, a press conference was first graced by the Moto GP legend Valentino Rossi, Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc.’s President Toru Osugi, Sales General Manager Romeo Tan, Corporate Support/Corporate Services/Logistics General Manager Alfredo Lejano and Marketing Section Manager Ryan Jude Camus.

Valentino Rossi  yamaha

Discussed during the press conference was Yamaha’s CSR activity to help rebuild the lives of Typhoon Yolanda victims. This effort was made possible with the support from Yamaha Motor Company Ltd., Yamaha Motor Racing, Moto GP and YMPH.

After the brief discussion, Valentino Rossi went out and greeted the riders who participated in the most-awaited racing event in the country, YGP 5. The Doctor also thanked everyone who has supported Yamaha’s charity effort. Yamaha Club presidents and members who attended the event grabbed the chance to have a photo op with their number one idol.

Yamaha Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi’s presence together with YMPH’s new president, Mr. Osugi, signaled the beginning of the race. To make YGP 5 more special, Valentino Rossi has changed to his racing suit to ride around the laps where our local riders battled it out for a podium finish. It was indeed a memorable event for everyone who attended. This is YMPH’s way of revving your hearts. Experience a deep satisfaction that enriches the lives of people.

Valentino Rossi’s fans in the country were not disappointed as the Italian speed monster graced the occasion as he rode a Yamaha motorcycle to see him live in action.

Valentino Rossi Yamaha Philippines

Rey Belen Valentino Rossi


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