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Vivo Released a 24MP Front Camera for the V7

By Posted on 1 m read

With photo quality now being one of the major considerations in smartphone purchases, it wouldn’t be a surprise for people to ask about the camera specs, more importantly nowadays, the front camera.

And with the recent launch of the V7+¬†featuring its 5.99″ inch screen and 24MP f/2.0 with flash front camera, Vivo also added same specs for the V7 – particularly its front camera.

With Vivo’s history on crafting its smartphones, It is an unspoken thrust of the smartphone brand , to focus on providing clearer, bigger screens and quality front-facing cameras.

As the smartphone market grows to be more of a selfie-focused buyers, it is great business for Vivo stay on one of its strengths on its products short, but rich history, which is the value of their front camera.


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