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What the Iglesia ni Cristo Rally Made Me Realize

By Posted on 6 m read

I blogged about my thoughts on the rally that broke last Friday. And conversations with friends from the INC and non-INC have been going on, online and offline. And it made me realize a lot of things lately.

Read my previous article (

But first, let me highlight a few points that my friends have in their mind.

To summarize the recent conversations, here are a few things that highlighted our talks:

INC Member Friends

  • Iglesia ni Cristo members are just fighting for what they believe is right. The separation of Church and State
  • LP (via De Lima) is using its power to bend Iglesia ni Cristo to endorse Mar Roxas in 2016
  • De Lima is giving Samson special treatment on the case
  • There are other controversial cases more important than this
  • Samson was under “Preventive Custody” as per rules of INC for people being investigated

And when I asked some of my non-INC friends about it, here is what they have to commonly agree on:

  • If this is a Church matter, then INC should not have brought it in the streets
  • Preventive Custody in INC syntax, but it can be detention in the minds of non-INC
  • Causing traffic will not gain sympathy from other non-INC
  • Iglesia ni Cristo looks too “selfish” just thinking of having their way to things, whether they disturb others or not.
  • The SAF44, PDAF and all other cases are being taken cared of. It has its time, so is the Samson case

Only time will tell on whether who is right or who is more influential.

But, at the height of things, I have come up with my own thoughts on the situation:

  • POLITICIANS will really take advantage.

Whether it is they like it or not, politicians have a different way of seeing through all of these. Many took advantage of the situation, actively or passively. Some where very vocal in their support, while some were doing it on the backend. But either way, supporting the INC, they think, will give them more solid votes.

I even saw one last night in Ortigas where a local-government official,Zambales First District Representative Jeffrey Domingo Khonghun, even had “his bus” smiling at everyone who passes by, showing how “his” bus have transported the Zambales-local INC members.

I just hope that it he owns the bus. Because if it were not, whew, then, that is where Zambales residents’ taxes go.

Iglesia ni Cristo EDSA Rally Jeffrey Domingo Khonghun

Some even took the rally stage last night to speak in front of the INC crowd.

  • Strength in Numbers (But it may not always be right)

The rally showed how numbers is making a difference. It is more of a political rally to me, than a prayer vigil to be honest. The show of numbers in unison is a threat to every politican’s ball and ass, sending a signal not to mess with their affairs.

Because, whether we like it or not, it is how it appears to be.

Sadly, not what many believe to be right is always right. Look at how we elect officials for instance. Toinks.

  • In time of crisis, the mob rules, not the law

People rule over law and order. He who controls the number, controls the law, in many different ways.

I’ve only seen it on TV, read it in books, but during war, crisis, it is the people that rules. And the one who can control people during situations, is the one who has the leadership. (Take the case of The Walking Dead – the Governor and Rick)

  • It is politics

How people are governed, whether in the nation or within the organization, plays a very important factor on this one. In this case, INC was able to govern their people rallying behind them. So, whether there is a legal basis to file a case or not, this only showed how they can mobilize people.

No matter if some may call it “blind belief” or real faith to move people behind them.

Iglesia ni Cristo EDSA Rally 1

I have to give credit to Iglesia ni Cristo for making sure that their people are united.

However, I would also like to ask that:


While the people are rallying in the streets for a cause that they believe to “religious” in nature, where are the leaders, who are really the root of all these commotions?

It is just a question that those who control the leash are probably in comfortable, dry places, while the members rough it out in a cold, wet evening at EDSA – taking the bigger risk.

Iglesia ni Cristo EDSA Rally 2

Again, let me point out what I said in my previous blog I may understand how you would want things to be done, but let not other people take the risk or disturbance out of what you are fighting for.

If it LEGAL in nature, then do it the right way, in courts, not in the streets.

Now, if you want to make a point that you are being coerced to support a politician or group of politicians, then you should not meddled with politics in the first place.

INC leaders have rights, so are other people, including Samson. So, let us play it fair and square – in the courts, not in the street.

Religion or faith is not in question here, I respect that on your part, it is your right. So, separation of the State and Church is not the issue.

The Church and State are separated. But if the welfares and rights of Church is in question, then the State can meddle, for they are also citizens of the State.

What I just don’t get is dip your beaks in government politics, then protest, in times you don’t like how it is played?

Again, I respect your faith, and I respect my INC friends. But, what I don’t get is the analogy of meddling with government politics and thinking you can always have it your way (big and small).

Now, to conclude my points on this, let me leave you with the things I learned from history in the Bible. (I am not a Bible scholar, nor do I want to argue about faith and religion.)

The Old Testament showed how God was saddened by the Israelites’ choice for them to be ruled by a king, thus King Saul. God was saddened not just because He was insecure, but because God knows men cannot always make sound judgement based on what is right.

Man’s heart has always been prideful and deceitful and cannot be trusted at all times.

  • We all have RIGHTS, but not every time, the things we do are RIGHT.
  • Our rights end when others’ rights begin.
  • True that there is strength in numbers. But it is not always true that what many believe to be right, is always right. Even during Jesus’ time, many wanted Barabas out instead of Jesus. Only few wanted Jesus out.
  • Even Pontious Pilate, became “prisoner” of the situation. He did not want to displease the crowd and cause revolt of the Israelites against the Romans, so he just washed his hands and favored the politics of the time.
  • No one is above the law. It may be harsh, but it is what should rule to put order in men. Remember, God was the first one to put order on things with rules, yet it is men who broke it.
  • Church is expected to be the salt and light of the Earth. Guiding its members to what is right, according to God’s word, not man’s.

In short, whatever the outcome might be, this will truly mold how Filipinos will head its fate – and that includes me. But sadly, I am just but one small voice in a big semi-divided crowd. That no matter, how I may think, may not matter much.

So, in the end. I am praying and deeply hoping that Filipinos become wiser each day. Wiser to be better individual citizens concern for the betterment of the nation.

How about you? What’s your realization on the matter?

UPDATED (1:20pm 8/31/15):

I heard that the INC and government have come to a decision already on this. I just hope that this would mean:

  • uncompromising the faith of INC members
  • position of the government to uphold the law and order
  • bloc voting promises (I hate this one, to be honest, let your conscience decide for your vote)

The way I see it, it is the common people who gets most of the risk and less of the benefits, in any event (look at EDSA 1, EDSA 2). And the leaders getting the better end of the situation.

Are we just pawns and prisoners of situations?

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