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What’s On Your Hair?

By Posted on 4 m read

If you think that women are the only concern parties when it comes to hair, better think again.

Having a bad hair day does not just come to women. Even for men. That’s why all throughout history, you can see a lot of hair products specifically used by men. There were pomades, hair spray, hair mousse and gels. You can a gazillion number of brands in the market and all targeted on men’s hair.

Honestly, I was, and I am a user of these different hairstyling products since I was five years old. So, I’m pretty much used to these stuff.

Anyway, recently, a wide spread of acceptance for wax and clay have emerged.

Locally, there are a number of brands in the market, and I got my hands on a brand that has three hairstyling products – Gel, Wax and Clay, so here is my say.


Grips is a brand produced by Skintec Enterprises, a local company producing beauty and personal care products.



The Grips Gel is the brand’s offering for men who still prefer the performance and look of gels. A style that leaves a shiny yet firm setting of the hair.


The Grips Gel is more or less like the other gels in the market with shiny, wet look style on hair. What’s surprising with the Grips Gel is that it smells good. A scent that people who don’t know Grips Gel, would find it hard to believe that it is from a gel. Compared to other brands which have become a common scent, while others which smell like alcohol.

Though, my gel-usage-stage is over, trying out Grips Gel is a good experience. Personally, I am more of a clay and wax user (alongside with my son). I guess, these past few years, wax and clay have emerged as THE hairstyling product for men.

Thus, I tried the Grips Wax and Grips Clay.


First impression on Grips Wax is that it may be just like the other brands in the market. But at first look on the label, it says there that it has Pro-Vitamin B5. I believe this does not come common to affordable local brands. Usually, I see that included in expensive, imported hair treatment products.


So, that factor alone, pretty much impressed me. And so the test.

My son and I both tried the products for one day.

The holding power of the Grips Wax is good – considering that my son went to school, while I went to the gym to really “sweat-the-wax-out.” Hair is easy to manage and style.


And again, I like the scent of Grips Wax. It smells good and smells clean at the same time. As if it is not a hairstyling product.


Next day, I tried the Grips Clay. To start with, I was satisfied with the Grips Wax. However, when I tried the Grips Clay, it is even better.


The hold is stronger, and I think, longer compared to the Grips Wax. What I like the most about the Grips Clay, is the EASY WASH feature. Compared to other clays, it is so hard to get rid of that sticky feel and hold of the clay from the hair. That’s why, though clay may set your hair good, but others do not prefer it (like me) because of the longer time and more effort to take it off from hair.

Unlike Grips Clay, it is so easy to wash-off from hair. So, styling the hair can’t be that bad anymore using clay. Busy men (like professionals and businessmen) would definitely like this one in their grooming kit, as it does the work for styling their hair, at the same time, not consuming so much of time washing it off.


Plus, it has Pro Vitamin B5 to treat and take care of the hair.

Another thing I like with Grips Clay is the scent. It smells clean and quite sweet, fruity scent for a clay.


If there is one thing that is common to the Grips hairstyling line, is that they all have good scents – unique, clean scent. Plus, the styling hold on the hair is long and effective.

Plus, I found the Grips Clay, in particular, not to be irritating on my scalp (I used to have that itchy feeling whenever I used gel). Though, I have just used Grips Clay for a couple of days, so I still have to prove it in a long run.

But, if you’re a man who would like to style your hair with a shiny finish, go for the gel, if not, go for the wax or clay. As for me, I prefer the Grips Clay the most, for its scent, good setting power and Easy Wash Formula.







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