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Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger – a Japanese-style Burger

By Posted on 2 m read

Sometimes, you just wish burgers could have been a little different. Well, wish no more. As Yabu has a different twist to your burger craving – introducing, the Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger.

The Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger is stuffed with creamy cheese, topped with shiso leaves, Japanese pickles, spicy aioli and caramelized onion jam in between toasted brioche buns. Served with your choice of Furikake French Fries or Chicken Salad on the side.

Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger 1

So how is it like?

One word – GOOD.

This Menchi Katsu Burger (Php 380) has crisp outer layer breading covering the juicy meat inside. Covered with shredded cabbage, shisho leaves and Japanese pickles and spicy aioli weaves, plus creamy cheese makes every bite flavorful.

And what’s good about this meal, is the combination of the Furikake French Fries dipped into any of its two sauces. I am sure you can find each to your taste.

Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger 2

The Menchi Katsu Burger is not just what I tried last time at Yabu, I also had a crack on the Yabu Mozzarella Katsu Sticks.

The Yabu Mozzarella Katsu Sticks (Php 260) are thick mozzarella wrapped in panko (Japanese-style breadcrumbs) then deeply-fried to make that crispy outer layer.

Yabu Mozzarella Katsu Sticks 2

Words are not enough to state how each bite of these Mozzarella Katsu Sticks made me wish to have more, but, I am on a diet now, so eating more than what I need to, pains me. Arrrgh.

I tried Menchi Katsu Burger and the Mozzarella Katsu Sticks partnered with the newest drink that Yabu has to offer, their Lychee Peach Tea (Php 110 – bottomless) – which, in its own way, really good combo for any food.

Yabu Lychee and Peach Tea

Yabu has more food you can try on, but the Katsu Mozzarella Sticks and Menchi Katsu Burger are two of the things worth the your try.

Even my favorite food buddy loves them so much.

Yabu Menchi Katsu Burger Cristelle Torres

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