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2 New Ways to Toned Body and Tightened Face from AIP

By Posted on 2 m read

Ever wonder how get the toned body and firmer skin, easier… faster?

There are two revolutionary technology currently available in the Philippines called the Vanguish and Exilis Elite to help people achieve skin tightening and body contouring goals.

These two machines, Vanguish and Exilis Elite, are available exclusively at Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines (AIP).

VANGUISH Body Contouring

The Vanguish system is a non-invasive procedure using radio frequency (RF) waves to eliminate fat cells without damaging the skin, muscle and organs in the target area.

This contactless device is considered a breakthrough technology in the cosmetic industry and the first of its kind. Vanguish serves as a body sculpting device without the worries of surgery.

Denden Urbano of AIP

Denden Urbano, Operations Manager AIP

According to Denden Urbano, Operations Manager of AIP, Vanguish can be used by anyone 18 years and over wanting to achieve a desired shape. She added that there have been proven, permanent results even after two sessions.

Vanguish Body Contouring System

Though, it is advisable that 4 sessions to get the best result. Vanguish, Urbano said, should not be mistaken for an anti-obesity or weight loss method. She clarified that Vanguish is for the circumferential reduction, like on the ab, waist and love handle part.

Vanguish is best used for people wanting to shape their body to show toner muscles. Urbano added that some use the Vanguish to get that quick touch to show-off a better shaping abs and keeping those saggy, lose skin after weight loss.

Vanguish treatment is applied 30 minutes per session. Each session can only be done once every week.

Vanguish cost at Php 15,000 per session and AIP has a package now of 4+1, meaning if you pay for four sessions, you get 1 for free.

Bong Qunitana

Bong Quintana tried Vanguish and Exilis Elite on his abdomen

EXILIS Elite Skin Tightening Technology

Another non-invasive technology to aid toning and shaping face and body skin is the Exilis Elite.

Exilis Elite reduces wrinkle and treats skin laxity in the body. It can be used from head to toe. Exilis Elite, when applied, can tighten the flab skin around waist, shape the sagging skin on the face and even reduce wrinkles.

With intense pulsed light system, Exilis Elite emits required heat to get the desired tightening and toning of the skin.

Exilis Elite

What’s good about this technology, according to AIP, is that these two machines do not require patients to undergo medical surgery to achieve desired results. Plus, based on research, both Vanguish and Exilis Elite are safe to use without the worry of pain and risk of surgical operations.

AIP advises that undergoing any cosmetic treatments should ONLY be administered by qualified and licensed individuals to assure results and safety of clients.

Aesthetics Institute of the Philippines

Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines is located at 15 Eisenower St., Greenhills , San Juan 1504, Metro Manila and be contacted via  phone at (+632) 725-0808 or mobile at (+63 917) 720-0808 or through their website at



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