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3 Reasons to Go Korean Food in Baguio City at Gogi Nara

By Posted on 3 m read

If you’re craving for Korean Food in the city of Pines, there are lots of options already. But let me give you three reasons why you should try eating at the Korean restaurant I was able to dine in – the Gogi Nara.

1. Gogi Nara has a nice location

Gogi Nara is located inside SM Baguio City. Just at the back with a good nice overlooking view. The place is also nice for an al fresco dining experience. You will definitely need the “cool breeze” of Baguio City if you taste some of their hot stuff and while watching the stuff cook. 🙂

2. Good Price for a Good Meal

You will never feel like being ripped off of your money when you dine here. Since their meals are priced just right for the pocket. You can feel satisfied and full and not leaving with empty pockets.

Their price is great, especially if you’re dining with someone or in group. Their medium-sized shabu-shabu and Hae Mul Tang, I believe, are good for three to four people, depending on the appetite. Of course, you have to partner it with rice or another meal.

Shabu-shabu (Beef and seafood soup)
Medium – Php 600
Large – Pho 900

Gogi Nara (16)

Hae Mul Tang (spicy seafood soup)
Medium – Php 600
Large – Php 900

Gogi Nara (1)

Samgyeopsal (Pork Grill) – Php 300

Gogi Nara (6)

Hae-mul (Seafood grill) – Php 200

Chadol bolgi (beef grill) – Php 300

They also have set meals that can be right for a solo eater wanting to try a little of everything.

Gogi Nara (20)

3. The Taste

This, I have to say is the BEST reason for you to try Gogi Nara. With the Korean owner being VERY particular on the taste and quality of the food they serve, all the ingredients used in their meals are authentic Korean. This way, the real taste of each meal is serve to customers.

I have tried different Korean restaurants before, I can say, that Gogi Nara surprised me with the taste, especially the Hae Mul Tang, which became my instant favorite.

Gogi Nara (14)

The spicy, tingling sensation of the Hae Mul Tang, flavored with the assorted seafood, makes it really a taste really spectacular for me. This is an absolute must try for anyone, especially for those who like things hot. It is spicy at the same time tasty.

Honestly, it was a wrong move for me to try the Hae Mul Tang first, because I wasn’t able to appreciate the other food much, since I zeroed in on the Hae Mul Tang. Hahaha. My taste buds seemed to highlight more on this, thus, I felt in a way, guilty, trying the other meals. Hahaha.

Their side dishes are also good, particularly their kimchi and the marble potatoes.

Gogi Nara (5)

Your time and money is worth spending at Gogi Nara. Whether you’re going solo, with someone or in a group, you will find a way to really like this place.

Though the Gogi Nara has tables inside the restaurant, I suggest going for the al fresco mood. I went there during lunch, but I think it is also great to try there at night, feeling the Baguio breeze while sipping your Hae Mul Tang.


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