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An Open Letter to Iglesia ni Cristo Leaders and Members

By Posted on 3 m read

Dear INC Leaders,

I am but a regular citizen of this nation. An spectator at the sidelines of everyday happenings in our country. I am dismayed over the traffic in Metro Manila that I need to endure almost everyday. The economy not really helping common Pinoys, OFWs getting taxed more, corrupt government officials here and there.

Now, this? Rally in the busiest road in the nation?

I respect your opinion on the separation of the State and the Church. As a church, you have your own matters to attend. But, I believe that ends, when the matters of the citizen of the State, begins. With your ex-members taking some legal action, it is only but fitting to answer it legally.

Not by ways of adding “fuel to the fire,” making your members rally on the streets of Padre Faura, and now, EDSA.

Iglesia ni Cristo Building

If you really are for the common good, then better ask your members to profess their dislike on De Lima’s decision elsewhere (maybe via FB or if she is to run for Senate, then better not vote for her)

But to cause more of your members to rally, worse, in the expense of your non-members, is not so cool and definitely not a good idea.

If you think this is a matter of STATE overstepping its boundaries over the CHURCH, then file a case in court.

Likewise, respect De Lima’s decision to protect the rights of your ex-ministers / ex-members.

Because from a regular citizen’s point of view, it seems that the rallies now are very systemic and organized (not to deny the fact supported, with all the posters, video and sound system), thus orchestrated by well-connected beings.

INC Members Rally

Photo by: Florencio Yusay Jr.

More of the photos here:

So, please, spare us your internal conflicts by setting the right course for your members and other citizens. Settle them legally, since this will be a legal case anyway.

Remember, even Jesus Christ subjected himself to Pontius Pilate’s authority?


Because Jesus respected the authority, the law and the leadership of the government that time, even if, we all know He is the Son of God.

Plus, if there is no truth to any of the accusations and cases to be filed, then, the case won’t hold in court anyway.

So why put your members at risk?


Photo by: Joshua Sales-Ng.

More of his photos here:

It seems to me that you are just showing the unity of your members to government officials and making a statement “NOT TO MESS INC.” Similar to twisting the arms of the government to have it your way.

Again, please, spare your members, more so the rest of the Filipino people of the “battles” you might have, both internally and legally.

If truly, the INC leadership wants to make things right, start by following the rule of law, and tending your flock towards following the law.

To the INC Members,

Take a higher ground by showing maturity over the matter. It is not an attack on your congregation – You are not being forbidden to worship in your temples, nor to assemble in your church, rather a legal issue on some of your leaders and members.

If the accusations are false, then, it wouldn’t be hard to disprove the accusations in the court of law.

Plus, be reminded, that we are all citizens of this nation, we are all subjects to its laws, whatever your religious affiliations may be.

Iglesia ni Cristo Rally

Be reminded of Romans 13:1-7, wherein people are reminded that we are all subjects of God, and

Personally, I may dislike some of the people in the government, and the laws that the State uphold, yet, I am still a subject that has to follow.

So let us be mature and rational about it.


A Filipino Citizen following the rule of Law (even if sometimes it does not favor what I want)

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