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Build Your Own MasterPiece Pizza, Pasta and Salad at Project Pie in BGC

By Posted on 3 m read

Whether you come in prepared or not, looking for something new or trying on your own, Project Pie got you covered for your pizza, pasta and salad cravings.

What was known as a DIY-pizza house is now more than pies. Plus, it has come a long way since I first tried it in Shaw Boulevard. With its 9th store in just four years, it has stretched its reach up to the people in BGC with their newest branch at W City Center 7th Avenue 30th Street (Map)

The concept of Project Pie is creating your own masterpiece pizza with their “Build Your Own” (BYO) theme. You come in, choose among the toppings and have it prepared by their skillful staff. If you don’t want the fun of making your own, you can always try the Project Pie’s signature dishes.

I still get excited of trying out new combinations, as I don’t memorize what I had the last time, which makes all the fun for me.

You can choose from 32 toppings for the pizza to top their thin crust. Either go safe with few toppings or go berserk and try how will it blend. It is all up to you. They wouldn’t mind how extreme or mild your taste for pizza might be. Plus, if you anyway you are doubtful of how you’re pizza might taste, go ahead, ask the staff, and they can give you an idea or two for the kind of pizza that you have in mind.

After choosing all your toppings, be it as few as three or as many as 32, it will take about 2 minutes to bake before you can have your freshly-made pizza masterpiece.


For my pizza, I forgot the combinations. But I remembered having tuna, chicken for my meat, red sauce, combination of mozzarella and parmesan, plus a lot of veggies, pineapple and spices. For some this might be an “overloaded” pizza, well, believe me, it is worth it.

As it was great!

The blend of flavors coming from the jalapeno, caramelized onion, olives, tomato, and a whole lot other things just pop inside my mouth.


You can have the 11-inch (Large) Build Your Own pizza for Php 395 or the regular sized one at Php 295.

As for the pasta, I forgot what I had that night.

Hahaha. Sorry.

But as long as it is either red sauce or pesto and tastes good, then all good with me.

As for the salad, I haven’t tried theirs yet, but that is a thing I am looking forward on doing during my next visit at Project Pie.

What’s new with Project Pie is their Oven Baked Chicken Wings that come in three (3) flavors – Buffalo Red, BBQ and Pesto Parmesan.

As for my taste, I like the Pesto Parmesan the most among the three, but not to say the other two isn’t good. The BBQ and Buffalo Red are great, but I just find the Pesto Parmesan for chicken wings to be unique and fantastic specially dipped on their sauce.

Yum Yum!

You can have the Project Pie Oven Baked Chicken Wings for Php 199 (8 pieces) or the 12-piece sampler for Php 299.

As for the Project Pie W City Center branch, the ambiance of the place is still great. With the well-lit walls, plus on one side it seems like a good soft light, great for selfies. Hahaha (I know what you’re thinking). You can take you best selfie with your bespoke Project Pie pizza, pasta or salad.

Though, this branch in BGC is smaller compared to the ones they have at Shaw Boulevard and SM North, which I go to. So be aware that this might be packed during peak hours.

Or you can always have it delivered via Food Panda

Build Your Own Project Pie Prices

BYO Pizza – Php 299 (9 in.) Php 399 (11 in.)
BYO Salad – Php 240 (Regular) Php 380 (Large)
BYO Pasta – Php 199 (Regular) Php 380 (Large)
Project Pie Oven Baked Chicken Wings – Php 199 (8 pcs) Php 299 (12 pcs)


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