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Centrum Launches Online Food Nutrition Monitor – Nutri Coach

By Posted on 2 m read

Ever wonder how you can keep track of the nutrients you get from your meals? Or at least if you’re getting any from what you eat?

Centrum, a multi-vitamins brand, launched recently its online monitoring application called, Nutri Coach. It is a web-based personalized monitoring application suitable for adults.

Nutri Coach is tailored-fit for giving a user the nutrient content of common Filipino dishes for every meal time.

The Centrum-initiated app is designed for male and female ages from 19 and above. Nutri Coach tells a user how much nutrients he or ahe is getting from the meals he or she is taking in a day.

Frequent monitoring on the food intake can give a better idea for anyone who wants to keep track of his diet.


Here’s a glimpse of the web-based application. There are few questions that the Nutri Coach app is going to ask. It needs full HONESTY to accurately assess your meals and nutritional requirements. The app would ask questions regarding:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Medical condition
  • Activities
  • Meals
  • Others


What’s good about the app is that it adheres to the recommended daily nutrition need based on world’s health standards.

And that it has virtually ALL Filipino dishes that an ideal Pinoy would eat in every meal.

Plus, the female users has special functions for pregnant and nursing moms, since their dietary requirement is different from regular females.

Mikael Daez, the brand ambassador of Centrum, highlighted the need for frequent usage of Nutri Coach to know better the nutrients we are getting for our food.


Professor Liezl Atienza, Institution of Human Nutrition and Food, College of Human Ecology at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, said that some of us experience nutrition problems. She added that even if we eat a lot, we might still be malnourished as we might be taking in not enough nutrients as recommended to the age and sex.


Centrum Brand Manager Joy Ong reiterated that with Nutri Coach, users can monitor their diet regularly. That during times that we might not be getting enough nutrients, Centrum can replenish the nutrient-deficiency that one can experience. Centrum is a muti-vitamin and minerals that packs a complete nutritional requirement for adults on every tablet.


Currently, Nutri Coach is only available online and is Flash-based, thus, mobile users, particularly iOS won’t be able to use this app through iPhones, iTouch and iPads.

Though according to Centrum’s brand manager, the mobile application of Nutri Coach is in the pipeline of future expansion. But for now, the web-based Nutri Coach is the Filipino’s closest thing for nutrient counter and monitoring tool.

To try the application, visit and look for the Nutri Coach tab.




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