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A Closer Look at Traditional Chinese Marriage in “Broken Mirror”

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Many stories have circulated behind everyone’s ears. Even movies, both local and global, hitting on the “odd” Chinese marriage set-up that people talk about but often times not admitting.

And now, a first, in the Philippines, that someone stepped up to voice the reality of her marriage – failed traditional Chinese marriage – on her tale in “Broken Mirror.”

Broken Mirror is the revelation of Aurora about her unsuccessful fate in Chinese marriage. In a culture where a woman’s silence in the face of abuse and maltreatment is viewed as a virtue because of self-sacrifice and submission, Aurora defies tradition as she breaks the code of silence and divulges secrets of a Chinese marriage.


Aurora is a Filipina-Chinese born to a Chinese and Filipina mistress in 1967. She was married to a Chinese immigrant to the Philippines.

Finding her voice, Aurora reveals what went on in her life and reaches out worldwide to other women in similar circumstances.

Torn between being silent for the sake of family tradition, love for children and probably social humiliation versus escaping a loveless marriage, Aurora looks deep within her to find the answer of what life has to offer beyond the unsuccessful relationship with her husband.

During the book launch, Coylee Gamboa, who co-written the book, explained how devastated she was when “Aurora” opened herself up. Coylee feels that no woman should ever be treated the way Aurora had been for years.

This is why she took the time to thoroughly and secretly write about the confessions of Aurora.

According to Coylee, Aurora and her husband are now separated, but Aurora, hat being a very fragile state through the years, Aurora is still in the process of finding herself after being trapped in a loveless relationship.

Broken Mirror will be initially available at Fully Book branches nationwide for Php 500.

Broken Mirror is published by Caelestis Production, Inc.

To know more about this book, you can visit its official website and on Facebook (

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