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Cologne for Women: Fiona

By Posted on 1 m read

I am very particular with the scent of the people I care for. Like for my fiancee (Cristelle of thing goes to my niece, who I love to play with.

So, even if I don’t use women’s perfume and cologne, I think, men, like me, have a say on what scent do we think would our girl loved ones prefer to wear.

Just recently, I was given a chance to try a local cologne brand produced by Skintec, a personal care products manufacturer, to try their brand – Fiona.

Fiona, currently has six (6) scents / varieties out in the market now.


Considering it’s a cologne, for it to stay in as long as four to five hours is a good thing already. However, Fiona, claims to have a lasting effect for about eight hours (which is even better than what I expected from a cologne).

Though, I wasn’t able to accurately log the duration of the scent on my niece’ (due to busyness), yet I find the scents really really and attractive.

I find that three of the six varieties to stand out for my taste for colognes.

Fiona Raspberry Drops in particular has that sweet, fruity taste that did not irritate me. Some fruit-scented colognes tend to be too much for me. But this one is just right.

Fiona Ice Glacier smells so clean and refreshing, while the Fiona Pretty Mist smells quite sweet and very feminine – good for teens and young.


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