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Dell Promises a DELL-ightful Career Path for Filipino Workers

By Posted on 2 m read

Dell, a household name associated to computers, is not just into computer hardware computer anymore, rather into solutions that go along with the computer hardware.

As per envisioned by their founder Michael Dell, “Technology has always been about enabling human potential.” Dell widened its horizons and added more services to the computer hadware.

According to Dell Philippines‘ President Richard Teo, the company has expanded in more countries than ever. Since their initial operation in 2005 in the Philippines, Dell is moving towards solutions provision. From technical I.T. services, accounting, business processiand now even into healthcare.

In the Philippines, Dell has provided jobs for about 1,600 employees – mostly in contact service – in their Eastwood, Libis office.

“Filipinos are certainly the best when it comes to contact centers. With Filipinos naturally exposed to American type of english, that’s why it is easy for them to adapt to the language fluently.” said Teo.

“Dell promises a wide arrange of opportunities, not just in contact service. Because Dell give ways for people if to be trained, vertically and horizontally. Meaning it is not just for promotions in a certin department, but we also encourage them if they want to shift fields within the company,” said HR Director Donna Grande.

Teo showcased Dell Philippines’ facilities as friendly, cozy and envibing to their employees promoting good health, relaxation and order.

Grande said that as far as compensation is concern that Dell’s is very competitive and appealing to Filipino jobseekers.

Currently, Mr. Richard Teo divulged that Dell is getting their earnings from 50-50 ratio (computer hardware – services) compared to a 80-20 (hardware – services).

In a statement, Teo said that Dell’s roadmap leads to more services in the coming years since Dell provides solutions, and computer hardware is just part of the whole Dell experience. In this path, Dell Philippines is looking at acquiring more Filipino workers.

Teo admires Filipinos’ skills on service and good hold of the English language. Plus, he stressed on the ethics and values that Filipinos put into their work.

“That’s the best thing about our team here in Dell Philippines. I can see that the Filipino workforce is dedicated, creative and skillful. And the service they extend to the clients is heartfelt.” Teo added.

This is one reason why Dell is expecting to expand in the Philippines since the Filipinos are very reliable at work.

At this rate, Filipino jobseekers and career changers might be expecting job openings at Dell Philippines. No one can deny that the BPO (business process outsourcing) companies are one of the major job providers for the professionals and undergraduate Filipinos.

Donna Grande also said that as the Philippine age bracket for workers in offices are getting younger, which means more opportunity for even the undergraduates who want to shift to professional jobs right away.


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