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Food Review: Dimsum Break

By Posted on 4 m read

I had the chance to try Dimsum Break last weekend during their formal opening and ribbon cutting.

Dimsum Break is Chinese restaurant chain in Cebu, and now it opened its first branch in Metro Manila at SM North Edsa.


The Dimsum Break is located at the 3rd floor of SM City Annex (Cyberzone) right across the escalator. The restaurant is spacious enough to pack approximately 150 or more people at the same time.

When you get in, their counter is at the right side, showcasing some of the food in their menu. The lights are covered with bamboo dim sum steamer, which for me, is actually a simple yet very figurative design for the concept and theme of the restaurant.

Dimsum Break also has its own comfort room so you don’t have to go out to the mall area to “comfort” yourself. There is also a lavatory for washing before and after eating.


Dimsum Break offers a wide array of Chinese food. There are more than a handful to try, but I can only try a few at a time.

The Original Steam Fried Rice (Php 68) – this rice meal has REAL shrimp and pork in it. The sauce is quite new to my taste. It has an authentic, interesting taste. I have to eat this again to really know it. Didn’t have the time to savour the taste since I was so full already, and just had 3 spoons from my fiancee.

Quail’s Egg Shaomai (Php 65) – like their tasty shaomai, only this time, it used quail eggs for flavoring and taste.

Shaomai (Php 65) the Dimsum Break shaomai is good… really good. I must say, the 65 pesos for it is worth it. You can really taste the realness of the meat inside – not just flavorings.

Fried Wanton (Php 65) – the tasty meat inside a crunchy wrapper makes this food really well. Especially if dipped in either Dimsum Break’s ginger sauce or chilli garlic sauce. Good!

Spring Rolls (Php 65) – probably one of the best spring rolls I’ve tasted for years. At the moment, I was eating it, I even thought that Dimsum Break uses a different oil to cook the rolls, as it didn’t taste like oils from other restaurants.

Garlic Pork Spareribs – one good food either for teasing your tastebuds with good tasting (up to the iside) garlic-soaked meat.

Empress Roll (Php 65)- this is one of my instant favorites. I like how it tastes. The combination of pork and shrimp inside and the soft vegetable wrapper really is a delight. Again, I have to say, whether you choose dipping it on chilli sauce or ginger sauce, or even none at all, it still tastes great.

Crispy Taro Roll (Php 65) – made of vegetable TARO (or gabi in Filipino), which has crunchy wrapper outside and soft mashed taro inside.

Shaopao (bola-bola) – Php 55 / Php 18 (Mini pao) – Pardon me, but I forgot to take photos of this. What I tried was their min pao (bola-bola) and I have to say that, again, the meat is actually there – with pork and shrimp put together to make a real taste of the meats.

Coconut Cream (Php 55) / Mango Custard (Php 55) (Photos are only bite sizes not the actual dessert servings) – the coconut cream (white) is comparable to Maja Mais, only this time, without the taste of corn. The Mango Custard has mango slices in it (not just flavourings) mixed in sweet custard. For a sweet tooth like me, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this.

Their shaomai, garlic pork spareribs, empress roll, crispy taro roll and mango custard became my quick personal favorites. The others are also good, but I have my tastebuds looking for these instant faves.
Dimsum Break food is above other fastofood Chinese restaurants in the Metro Manila. Since the taste is really good, and you know that the taste does not come from additives or extenders, but rather from real meat (whether pork, shrimp, etc.)


As far as service is concerned, they served the food fast, considering that there were a number of customers inside. Though, I can’t fully disclose this part since, that time, it was the official opening, so it might be that the crew was really ready (and considering that the owners were there). So, I think I have to try Dimsum Break again and be there like a regular customer to really assess their service.


Dimsum Break food is affordable. For Php 188 pesos, you can treat yourself a rice meal, 1 dim sum and 1 dessert.

Their fried and steamed dim sum is at Php 65, while their rice menu is at Php 68 and their noodles at Php 80. Desserts come in very handy for the pocket at Php 55.

Overall, Dimsum Break offers a set of good tasting meals at affordable costs with a place simply, yet neatly arranged for anyone can eat with ease.

RATING: 4 of 5


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