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How does Newton Motion V Changed My Running?

By Posted on 5 m read

Choosing the right running shoes can be a bit tricky at times. As for me, I had to learn it the hard way. Had to suffer some feet problems and inconveniences before knowing the right thing to do.

I became conscious that I needed stability shoes when going for road running.

Picking the right running shoes for you at Runnr

During my visit in Runnr, I looked for stability shoes. This is when I stumbled upon Newton, a brand that obviously looks different, primarily for the sort of extra rubber underneath called LUGS.

Initially, I find it odd to see those extra rubbers and how would it feel to run on those running shoes. So, my curiosity took the better of me and inquired more about the brand.

According to Harry, the running specialist at Runnr who attended to my inquiries, Newton running shoes is popular for their technology in making runners (both beginners and advanced) go back to instinctive, natural running form. The brand itself is popular among competitive runners and triathletes.


Through the years, if there is one thing that I learned, whether in food, health, fitness and relaxation, there is no better way to go than the natural way. So, the thought of me relearning the proper natural form in running became a no-brainer.

Apparently, years of wearing other types of footwear made us all walk and run unnaturally. Factor in as well the bad posture and physical habits than we acquire through the years.

Going back to natural running form means relearning how we instinctively do when were young or how we run on barefoot. So that we can develop the right posture, alignment and dynamics from head to foot.

As for the feet, the natural way of running, especially for fast and sprint running, is striking the ground with the forefoot. This kind of running makes for efficient and safe strides – lessening the risks of musculoskeletal injuries plus, making you use less energy to run.


Since the Motion V is the available stability shoes of Newton back when then, I tried it right away. I walked around and run at the treadmill to test the feel of the sneakers.


The lugs hit the ground first as I walk and run. And initially, I found the feeling really odd . It felt like the Newton shoes were impressing on my feet to hit the ground using the mid and forefoot. There’s that sense of bounce or sway from front to back while running. I am not over-analyzing but it felt like a bit easy to run. Thought I have to admit that I haven’t had the luxury of time yet to really run for more than 15 minutes or beyond 5 kilometers.

Upon research, I found that I had to break-in my shoes for at least 10 minutes of running for 10 days. This will make it easier for me to transition from my old running shoes to the new Newton Motion V.

Though I wasn’t able to break-in my Newton Motion 5 right away for running, I mainly used them for walking for days during my recent four-day trip in Kuala Lumpur. My Newton running shoes endured the long walks around Kuala Lumpur, the up and down trail to and from Batu Caves and plus many others.


Honestly, I was anxious at first, since I do not have any backup shoes for the trip if in case my legs or feet would hurt. And amidst the long walks my legs and feet did not hurt during and after the trip.

When I got back to Manila, I made some time to run with my Newton Motion V and actually test it for a run. As suggested, I only took 10 minutes of running. After a couple of runs, the transition to running with the lugs.

As for the cushioning, I feel comfortably from toes to heels even after long walks and minutes of runs. I have to admit though that I haven’t run the Motion V yet beyond 20 minutes (as of blogging time),

With the 3mm drop, the Motion V is almost a zero-drop shoe making my run more stable and my feet more responsive.

Its lightweight is also a plus, giving my legs less effort to lift them up.

To top it all, the bright, orange cool design is an added plus, knowing people will dig my shoes, whether I use it for running or walking around. Its slim factor makes it a sneaker to wear even beyond running. I had my other running shoes before that looked huge and fat. But the Newton shoes make it more fashionable.


The Newton Motion V is currently priced at Runnr at P 8,995.

This is one reason why probably there’s a niche of users of the shoes who are mostly triathletes or competitive runners. As having Newton shoes is an investment.


I have to say though that it is both an ego-boost and challenge wearing the Newton Motion V. For one, most of the athletes wearing the Newton in general are into competitive running and triathletes, making the brand in general a pair of running shoes for serious runners.

I can feel now the pressure burning in me to do the same. Lol!

As my shirt from Runnr says: “There’s no triumph without struggle.

It might be hard to put the time and effort into my fitness journey. But, I know it will be all worth it.

The Newton Motion V,’s fit, comfort, responsiveness and style, I believe these sneakers nailed it. As for the price, it may not be for all but I have to say that it is worth every penny you put into the shoes.

Of course, transitioning from a brand other than Newton may be a learning curve. It is just so happened that I am not a heel striker so the learning curve is a bit shorter. The change of form may be a challenge to many, but it is a change than can benefit you in the long run for faster and more efficient run.


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