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How’s Breakfast Doing in Nobu Hotel Manila? @CityOfDreamsPH #NobuManila

By Posted on 3 m read

Among the things to consider in a hotel, it is the FOOD that is of high-anticipation for the newly-launched Nobu Hotel in Manila. With its name based on its renowned owner-chef, Nobu Matusuhisa, it is only but fitting to be one of the best tasting food in town. So if you happen to stay in the 321-room Nobu Hotel Manila, you would wonder, how’s the food?

In a recent engagement, I was able to experience Nobu Hotel Manila’s breakfast offering.

Nobu Hotel Manila (11)

Part of the whole experience is looking hrough Nobu Hotel’s sophisticated yet relaxing interior. From the reception area at the ground floor, up to the details leading to the restaurant.

From the elevator, Nobu Hotel Manila’s touch of elegance exudes in every way, without alienating any type of guests to enjoy their stay. The restaurant itself has a 335 Seat Capacity with two private dining rooms, a sushi bar, floating water cabanas, two Teppanyaki tables, and a Chef’s Table.

Nobu Hotel Manila (1)

What really impressed me during my dining experience was looking at the floating water cabanas. I would have loved to dine in one of those, but it was good thing not too, since rain started falling moments later after I took on my first bite on my food.

The cabanas are just inviting – both for some relaxing time over meal, or even a guest wanting for some creative or intellectual output of some sort.

The breakfast buffet at Nobu Hotel Manila offers a variety of food across countries – from Asian to Western offerings.

Here are some of the things I tried for breakfast:



If you like waffles, like me, then this is a MUST-TRY in Nobu Hotel Manila’s breakfast roster. The  Green Tea Waffle is flavored with green tea (of course, DUH?) topped with candied pecans, raspberry, yuzu whipped cream, and shiso syrup. The soft, slight chewy, texture of the waffle makes the biting experience good.

Green Tea Waffle Nobu Hotel Manila


Honestly, I have known miso as a soup. So, upon seeing the word “MISO MUFFIN” on the buffet, this intrigued me right a way, and made me want to take a bite on it.

Surprisingly, the miso muffin is not bad after all.

Nobu Hotel Manila Miso Muffin


This deserves some accolade. Nobu Hotel Manila’s hot chocolate is fantastic. With its rich, thick cocoa filling my palette every sip. How I wish I could have more, but hey, two cups were enough as I have yet to try other dishes on the list.

That’s how bad it is, when you are trying to stay fit while being a foodie. Lol.

Nobu Hotel Manila Hot Chocolate


After taking the first bite of their French Toast, I understood what Nobu Hotel Manila’s General Manager Marlon Hirsh said earlier that their French Toast tastes great.

Topped with yuzu Custard, whipped cream, and tomato jam, this soft delight, SHOULD be part of your Nobu Hotel Manila breakfast buffet experience. It is something you shouldn’t skip.

Nobu Hotel Manila French Toast


I am not sure if this is a Chia Mango Yogurt, but to finish-off your breakfast, this is worth the try. I got this from the pudding and yogurt section. I added some nuts and jellies to blend with the tart taste of the yogurt. It is a good mix!

Nobu Hotel Manila (52)


There are other dishes on the buffet table, but I just highlighted what I find to be a personal best. I am quite biased on the waffles, breads, sweets. I guess, I cannot hide my fondness of sweet foods.

But, another worth your try is Nobu Hotel Manila’s braised beef. Best, of course, served with rice for us Filipinos. The beef’s flavor sinks into its every fiber, so every bite is good.

Nobu Hotel Manila Braised Beef with Potatoes

Nobu Hotel Manila Breakfast Buffet Rates

  • Adult – Php 1,232.00
  • Child (6-12yo) – Php 616.00
    Nobu Hotel Manila is open for breakfast from 6am to 10am on weekdays, and until 11am on weekends (For Breakfast) and from 6p.m. to 11p.m. 
A perfect breakfast meal for me at Nobu Hotel Manila would probably be sitting at the cabana, sipping my hot choco after I take bites on the french toast. After which, a selfie to post on Instagram. Hahaha.
Tell me your experience once you try it at Nobu Hotel Manila.

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