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International Headset Company to Compete in Philippine Market

By Posted on 2 m read

With the Philippines being one of the biggest business process outsourcing providers in the world, the telecommunication headset company Accutone recently officially launched its product to the local market.

The Hong Kong-based company is targeting at least 20 percent share on the Philippines’ call center industry.

Sharad Jaiprakash, managing director of Arkarise, Inc., said that the Accutone is confident in getting its share in the local market – stating that Accutone has been in the industry since 1969, as a direct manufacturer, product designer and global marketer.

As a sign of quality headsets, Jaiprakash said that Accutone offers longer warranties than other headset companies in the industry.

He added that the three headsets available in the Philippines is a showcase of Accutone’s knowledge on the technology.

The UC-200, for example, provides users with most affordable UC headset in the market, without compromising reliability and superb performance. It combines the award-winning design headset with the Microsoft OC features, which makes it an attractive buy for consumers.

The UC-610, on the other hand, offers the strongest build and noise canceling microphone. It also features a large speaker, which is designed for comfort and is perfect for extended usage.

Accutone will also bring in the uniquely designed UC-1010; the only full-featured top-end communication headset made by a direct manufacturing brand. It is considered as the most durable, top-end product of the UC series offering an air of prestige to its users.

Arkarise Inc., country sales manager Jun Cavan said that not only big companies will benefit from the Accutone technology. He added that even ordinary consumers would be able to purchase their headsets as soon as the Accutone consumer headsets hit the tech stores.


Jaiprakash said that the Accutone headsets are durable, withstanding long hours of usage in span of years. Their technology also provides safety to the ‘human resources’ of call centers, providing quality audio that would not compromise the health and hearing functions of the agents – making it a long sound investment for contact service companies.


Local companies are already standing clients of Accutone, like IBM, Accenture, Standard Chartered, DHL and Cognizant. Today, Accutone has local presence in Japan, Israel, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, India, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Canada, Ecuador, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, South Africa, & Mauritius.

Accutone headsets are available locally with prices ranging from US $ 35 to 200.

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