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Knowing Diabetes and Learning How to Monitor Blood Sugar

By Posted on 3 m read

“Little knowledge may be a dangerous thing,” especially if it health related.

For the longest time, many people think that having diabetes is like being sentenced to death. However, this is a common misconception of a lot of people. More people would actually die earlier for worrying of having diabetes, than having the diabetes itself.

That’s why a recent information campaign by Lifescan, a Johnsons and Johnsons subsidiary involved in diabetes-related consumer products, about basic and intermediate facts about diabetes.

Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. (Source: Wikipedia)

In a recent discussion by Dr. John Flores, an expert in diabetes, he said that Diabetes shouldn’t be treated as if “the end” of life. For with responsible monitoring, proper diet and exercise, a person diagnosed with diabetes can very well live like any normal person. Though, in reality, it is not going to be easy, since it is a lifetime “management” of self and an irreversible condition already.

Dr. Flores explained to the audience how people get diabetes, specifically the type 2 diabetes. He said that every time we eat, nutrients from the food are being broken down by our body and converted to usable energy. However, due to some reasons, other peoples’ body react differently and cannot respond to insulin or cannot produce insulin. Thus, producing excess sugar for the body to consume, thus the abnormality in the body.

Education about diabetes is one of the BEST weapons that a diabetic can possibly have. Knowing the symptoms on any sugar level change and being sensitive to the symptoms of the changes can help in countering any bad effects of diabetes.

Learning to balance the diet for proper sugar level in the body is essential. Plus, proper exercise, to burn the excess sugar in the blood can help in managing diabetes.

Another important thing, Dr. Flores said, is to regularly monitor the sugar level. According to Dr. Flores, there are consumer products available in the market now that can help a diabetic monitor his glucose count. However, he noted, that this cannot be a SUBSTITUTE for professional medical care. A consumer glucose meter can help a diabetic make regular monitoring.

He noted that there are a number of glucose meter in the market, however, not ALL are accurate. So it’s best to know the manufacturer and if it is accredited according to world’s standards.

One that qualifies the 95% accuracy, is Lifescan’s One Touch glucose meter available in the market now, including the Philippines. One Touch is an easy-to-use device that can accurately measure the glucose in the blood in seconds.

I tried to One Touch‘s quick test, and my blood sugar before dinner counted to 118. And after two hours after dinner, I checked for a test again, and the device measured 121.


They say that my sugar level is normal, compared to those who were with us during that time who were diabetic and had sugar levels as much as 200 – 300. (Whoa!) And to other diabetics, this is just normal to them.

From a non-diabetic and non-medical standpoint (like mine), it was a very informative night.

Diabetics having access to a convenient sugar level monitor device is quite a relief.

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