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White House Baguio – Ifugao Bamboo Art

By Posted on 2 m read

If you’re going to or from the way of Teachers’ Camp in Baguio, there is one attention-grabbing structure on the side, often times mistaken as a “haunted” house in Baguio City for its look – the Laperal White House.

I can’t blame people if they perceive it to be like that (you be the judge), as many houses in horror films are similar to the house along Leonard Wood Road.

Adding to the “eerie” are the ghost and spirit stories circulating among the locals about the property.

White House Baguio Bamboo Art Gallery

But that did not stop me (and the others) in finding out what does the Laperal White House has to offer.

I know that curiosity killed the cat, but hey, I am not a cat, Lol!

Anyway, going inside the Laperal White House is not free. Entrance fee costs Php 50 to get it. The Laperal White House currently is the home, not for ghosts, but for other creative stuff. The first floor of the property sports the artistic and creative talent of the Ifugaos Bamboo Art.

Honestly, I was amazed on how the carvings on the bamboos were created. They look so classy. I mean, I couldn’t imagine having those carvings on bamboos. Taking a closer look at the photos I’ve taken (via mobile phone only), can give you a picture of how good the craft of the Ifugaos applied on the pieces of bamboos.

Be it the big ones or small ones, they are all fantastic.

The upper floors show the rooms of the Laperal White House being maintained. Nothing really fancy – but it somehow gives a glimpse of the look of the old house.

Plus, a view of the Leonard Wood in one of the windows on the upper floor.

View from White House Baguio

If you’re into art or wanted to know whether the “tales” of the Laperal White House is true, then take courage, and go straight to Leonard Wood to visit the Laperal White House.

Why not, right?

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