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My 2Go Travel Manila-Bacolod-Manila Trip Experience

By Posted on 3 m read

I have been traveling for years. But never was there a time that I had an opportunity to travel for more than 1 hour at sea. So, going to Bacolod via 2Go Travel was definitely new to me.

Going on this trip will mean that I had to prepare two extra set of clothing since it would take roughly 17 hours of travel time.


I  headed out to Pier 4 to take the 9pm schedule of St. Michael The Archangel vessel from Manila to Bacolod. It is a trip with the Nikon Team and professional photographer George Tapan for the Nikon School at Bacolod and of course, the MassKara Festival.


The St. Michael the Archangel is a huge ship. Accommodating about 1,200 passengers at a time comfortably (if I am not mistaken of the numbers).

There are different sections of the ships that you can go around to. There is the common dining area for everyone to eat at, which is also convertible to an entertainment area during night.

And since most of the passengers are Pinoys, one of the favorite pastimes is singing. So, there a videoke right at the common dining area.

Now, if you want a little privacy, there is also a dining area and videoke area for those who want less people. Of course, if cost a little more for the privacy.

And since, the food is not that expensive, the restaurant is pretty packed when its meal time. It is best to come in early to reserve your seat. There is pretty much a good range of selection.


Of course, not everyone are allowed to go to the Captain’s deck or even at the bridge. Good thing, the Nikon Philippines (ThinkDharma Inc.) and 2Go Travel have a special arrangement on events, that’s why I, tagged by Nikon, had an opportunity to go the bridge, which is really cool.

Being at the the deck, and looking how the cruise is being manned by the Captain and his team, is just an experience. Seeing how things go while all of us of traveling all the way to Bacolod, is an experience. It’s just sad that we weren’t able to see the sunset up there, since it drizzled a few times on our whole journey.



There are different types of seats and accommodations to choose from when you aboard the 2Go Travel ship. It ranges from Super Value to State Rooms (most affordable to most expensive). In our case, I think, we had the “Tourist” class room wherein we had two double deck bed bunks in an air-conditioned room.

The room has its own TV. The washroom is a shared one exclusively for the tourist section guests. Be reminded that the air-conditioning system for the room is quite cold, so better get the linen from the counter. Linens are to be returned before alighting the ship.

On our way back, it was a different room already. I believe it was a cabin already. The cabin is more spacious than the tourist. The one we had has its own toilet and bathroom. Thus, not anymore needing to go out when nature calls.

The whole time I was on board the ship, I did not feel bored. Of course, it has to do with the people I was with that time. That’s why thanks to Mr. George Tapan, the ThinkDharma Inc. (Bern, Lissa and Sherwin) and 2Go Travel (Ms. Grace, Ms. Amy, and Ish) team who are such a fun people to be with.

I wouldn’t mind traveling along with these guys.

I believe that’s the best part of the whole trip, it might have taken 17 hours to go one way, but getting to talk and mingle with them, is the best fruit of the whole journey, aside from getting to our destinations safely.

You can check out the destinations of 2Go Travel online on their website. There’s a good trade-off for trying to go via water, like spending more time, relaxed trip (of course, that is if there are no weather disturbances) and HUGE baggage allowance. 😉

Until the next trip.

Bon Voyage!

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