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My Kuala Lumpur Experience with Drifter Classic Pack

By Posted on 3 m read

Have you ever been caught in a situation that made it hard for you to decide on what bag to bring?

Probably you’re on a long trip already carrying a luggage, and do not want to bring extra bags, or you want to travel light yet you do not know what you can end up bringing back from your trip?

This is what happened to me in my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur.

I was on a 4-day trip around Kuala Lumpur. With mostly walking around for photography as part of the trip, I simply from my usual backpacking gear as it would be uncomfortable for me to carry so much around.

Yet, I need a lot of clothes, gadgets and laptop for this trip. Thus, ending up brining my luggage.

Drifter Classic Pack LifestyleBucket Rey Belen

But I felt “naked” going around Kuala Lumpur without any bag with for extra shirt, extra battery and important documents. Plus, I have to carry around something big enough to fit little things that I might end up buying while photowalking.

Good thing, I brought my Drifter Classic Pack. What I like the most about this Drifter Classic Pack bag is that it suits three purposes for me when I go out.

First, is that when I want to pack light and do not like anything dangling behind my bag as backpack, I can always fold it and fit it almost effortlessly in my luggage, another bag and even in my car’s glove box.

Drifter Classic Pack Bag 1

Second, I can always call it “out” literally, out of its foldable form, and have it exactly big enough to put in my important stuff on the go.

Third, I am not afraid walking around with it, as it is light yet tough, plus, it is water resistant.

It served exactly like these purposes when I was in Kuala Lumpur.

It was very convenient carrying it with me as I went up the more than 250 steps in Batu Caves – with my important things inside.

Drifter Classic Pack LifestyleBucket Rey Belen (1)

Plus, when it started to rain while I was walking, I was confident that the things inside won’t get wet.

Drifter Classic Pack is designed to make it light for casual or urban travellers. Plus, making sure it is tough enough for your daily needs. It is said that Drifter Classic Pack is made from the same materials such of a parachute, thus the logo.

Drifter Classic Pack is available in three colors: Saffron, Blue and Hot Pink.

Personally, I like how it can fit itself into its own pocket and make is small.

Definitely, it is going to be a usual part of my next trips, especially the long ones. As it proved to be very convenient at the same time very useful to bring.

I won’t have to decide now on what bag to bring as the Drifter Classic Pack can suit the purpose of almost any urban trip that I can think of.

The Drifter Classic Pack is available locally via TenkieBox for P 3,150 or you may visit Drifter Philippines‘ Facebook account to know more about the Classic Pack or any other Drifter bag and the branches where you can buy it from.

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