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My Runnr Experience on My Journey Back to Running and Fitness

By Posted on 3 m read

Running is a great way to lose weight and stay fit. But you have to consider few important stuff before taking the plunge, so that you can reap the full potential of running than cause you harm.

I had my bad share of things when I decided to start running. I just picked the softest, lightest pair of shoes, and yes, I am guilty, the coolest-looking pair of sneakers that time. At first I thought having a fancy pair of running shoes will seal the deal for me. Unfortunately, it brought me more harm than good health.

I suffered intense pain from my soles. After consulting a specialist, I learned that I had what is called plantar fasciitis or the inflammation of my plantar fascii. Plus in connection to this is that I have grown heel spurs. All of which caused by improper wearing of shoes, aggravated by my increasing weight as well.

To cut the long story short, my doctor advised me to take a rest from any active sports for a while, take medicines, and get the right shoes for my activities.

So my journey in being picky for my running and walking shoes for that matter.

Good thing, when I was in Trinoma, I stumbled upon Runnr, a store specializing in running, has competent people and adequate equipment to get you into proper gear.

I visited Runnr twice to make sure. At first, I came across Arryan, who gave me a quick talk on what I can consider doing before running and especially on picking new shoes. He even advised me to come back again to take the running test thru their machine once the running specialist comes back. He also said that it is best to bring my old running shoes to get an idea of my running pattern.

On my second visit, Runnr Trinoma’s running specialist, Harry, was there to assist me on picking the right shoes. At first glance on my stance and the pattern from my old running shoes, he made assumptions that I may be needing stability shoes. Though, to be sure, I underwent two tests so that I can see it for myself the actual condition of my feet and legs when running.

First, Harry made me stand on a device that showed how my feet are aligned to the ground.

Then there’s another device composed of a camera, monitor, computer and thread mill that analyzes my gait while running. It shows my running form and how my anatomical structure specifically looks like when running.

After the series of tests, I learned that:

  1. I have indeed flat feet
  2. I have overpronated feet
  3. I am not a heel striker

The first two conditions of my feet are related. Since being a flat-footed individual, I need to have special shoes for walking and especially running to prevent straining my feet and leg muscles. And since I have flat feet, I overpronate my steps and run which is prone to injury if not addressed properly.

Last thing that I learned, at least one good news, is that I am not a heel striker when running. At least this lessens my risk of further hurting myself.

Harry’s initial advise that I consider wearing STABILITY or MOTION CONTROL SHOES was proven correct by the tests.  Stability or Motion Control of shoes counter inward roll due to overpronation of my feet. Wearing this type of shoes can prevent knee pain and injury.

Good thing that Runnr has these free tests you can avail before buying your running shoes. This way, you have a more intelligent approach in buying your first or next pair of running shoes. Often times, we make the mistake of being brand or fashion conscious that we tend to buy what’s trending and popular or what looks good in our eyes, without really addressing what our body needs for running.

At Runnr, they have a wide selection of brands of running shoes to choose from depending on your feet type, running form and budget.

As for me, Harry guided to the available choices at the time. And I ended up with the road running stability shoes from Newton brand, the Newton Motion 5.

My review on the Newton Motion 5

Aside from shoes, Runnr also has other things like running socks, water bottles, shirts and other running accessories that can help in keeping me on track to running. I chose a special shirt that I used on my first break-in session of my Newton shoes.

Overall, anyone who is into running, especially those who are starting-off, it is best to go to Runnr and have the most appropriate running gears for you. As a reminder, start with the proper shoes for your feet.

Runnr has branches in Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street and Alabang Town Center.

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