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Personalized Diet-Based Meals Delivered to You from #TheGoodBoxPH

By Posted on 7 m read

If you can’t prepare your own food, either by choice or necessity, and do not want to compromise your health by settling for fastfoods and canned goods, then either you hire someone who will prepare or be with someone who can gladly do it for you daily.

Or, you can have your food delivered to you either at home or office everyday. Food based on your daily dietary requirements. One online business is doing just that – TheGoodBoxPH.

The Good Box PH is a food business started from the notion of having a better choice for personal dieting and nutrition. The group first thought of finding joints that would suit their food nutrition needs which eventually led them doing it on their own.

Chef Crizzy and Ms. Fia (Nutritionist) lead the food pack for The Good Box PH. The two, together, make up the most for the food preparation and nutrition needed to provide to their clients.

As for me, I tried TheGoodBoxPH for two weeks.



It started with me answering the questions on their website regarding my information for them to come up with recommendation for the daily dietary nutrition I needed. (Nutrition Questionnaire)

Then, I waited for their reply via email for my daily calorie intake based on the physical, health conditions and goals that I wish to achieve. Ms. Fia Batua, TheGoodBoxPH’s in-house nutritionist recommended that I go for the 1,200 kcalories Diet Meal Plan from TheGoodBoxPH. She added that I have to avoid eating excess food that is not part of the diet and to take in at least 1.5L of water daily.

Plus, she advised to avoid eating fatty/oily foods.

On top of the diet program, Ms. Fia mentioned eating the prepared meals every 3 hours for faster metabolism. As skipping them within or more than 5 hours will slow down metabolism and result to muscle loss.

She finished-off by adding the importance of at least 30 minutes of activities everyday (run, fast work + strength + abs workout). And 2-3 pieces of bananas for recovery after which.


Cutting down on food for weight loss is a struggle already. The least anyone can do is just enjoy the small amount of food left for the diet. With only 1,200 kcalories on my daily diet, I honestly was not used to small frequent measures. I am more of a 3 main meal guy, with many in-between-snacks whenever I want to (Lol). So the method that TheGoodBoxPH has for me will be really new.

The Good Box PH prepares and delivers a 5-meal-a-day 5-days-a-week program calculated to your specific suggested calorie intake requirement. Each day, the 5 meals are delivered either in the morning (6am to 10am Mondays to Fridays) or in the afternoon (5pm to 9pm Sundays to Thursdays).

All the 5 meals for the day (or next day) are packed in containers. Each having proper labels for designated meal times. Along with the calorie count of each meal within the day. So you won’t be missing the meal for each time.

According TheGoodBoxPH, the meals can last up to two (2) days if refrigerated properly. But of course, if it is best to be consumed ASAP. Specific instructions as well are noted if the food prepared is intended for chilling or heating.

As for the taste, if you’re expecting it to be like the flavorful, mouth-watering taste like those from the fastfood chains, then you’ll be disappoint. It is a not anymore a secret that most of the time, when the food is too tasty, chances are that some artificial flavoring is added into the mix that might be not good for health. Take into consideration the oil used, seasoning and all other stuff.

I find their vegetable salad really good. With the vegetables still at its best condition, crunchy fresh, even if I ate them for dinner.

TheGoodBoxPH prepares its food in a simple way, bringing out the natural goodness of each ingredient as much as possible. Though it might be a struggle for people who like too much flavor on their food, say too salty or too spicy, as the prepared meals are for everyone, especially those who want to stay healthy

But of course, there is a reason why there are less flavorings on the food, as TheGoodBoxPH tries to give you a good meal without adding too much flavorings that may compromise your health (eg. like salty food that may be high in sodium or other additives).

The daily meals prepared by TheGoodBoxPH are a combination of vegetables, fruits, meats, rice and drinks all suited to make for a balanced nutritional value for each individual.

According to TheGoodBoxPH, the vegetables and fruits are sourced from their own organic farm. But in cases that there is much demand and that their farm does not have enough supply, they get their raw ingredients from reputable outlets – fresh.

As for the cooking, they use purified water. As for the oil, they usually use olive oil, at at times extra virgin olive oil especially for the pastas and salads. The use of canola oil is only on cases that warrants for the cooking of specific food.

Their meal plan is prepared on a weekly basis. But if you have any specific food restrictions, say allergy, meals can be arranged especially for you.

All the meal plans are posted on TheGoodBoxPH website, two (2) weeks in advance.

Here’s a Sample Menu from their website.

Breakfast: Egg and Sausage Pocket ; Decaf Coffee
AM Snack: Potato Fritters
Lunch: Fish Picante ; Brown Rice ; Fruits
PM Snack: Cocoa Pancake
Dinner: Korean Beef Stew ; Brown Rice ; Squash Cake

Breakfast: Broccoli Crepe ; Lite Soy Milk
AM Snack: Lemon Crackers
Lunch: Rosemary Chicken ; Side Salad ; Fruits
PM Snack: Polvoron
Dinner: Creamy Fish Pesto Pasta ; Mixed Mushroom Soup

Breakfast: Egg Florentine ; Toast ; Decaf Choco
AM Snack: Pisang Goreng
Lunch: Pork and Beans ; Brown Rice ; Fruits
PM Snack: Multigrain Cookies
Dinner: Kungpao Chicken ; Japanese Brown Rice ; Braised Bokchoy

Breakfast: Egg Drop Soup ; Toast and Butter
AM Snack: Muffin ; Bayani Brew
Lunch: Hickory Burger ; Potato Salad ; Chicken Veggie Soup
PM Snack: Clubhouse Sandwich
Dinner: Buffalo Chicken ; Side Salad ; Fruits

Breakfast:Egg and Chicken Tocino Casserole ; Mint Choco
AM Snack: Crackers and Fruit Jam
Lunch: Chicken Penne Rigate ; Side Salad ; Fruits
PM Snack: Baked Sweet Potato
Dinner: Garlic Ginger Fish ; Brown Rice ; Garlic Kangkong


The price depends on the daily calorie intake that you’ll be needing, as per advised by the nutritionist. So whether you’re on weight loss or weight gain program or just maintaining your best fit, TheGoodBoxPH has meal plans for specific needs, even for those undergoing strict medical or diet program.

1200 Calorie Menu – Php 2,750
1500 Calorie Menu – Php 3,000
1800 Calorie Menu – Php 3,250
2100 Calorie Menu – Php 3,500
2400 Calorie Menu – Php 3,750
2700 Calorie Menu – Php 4,000
South Beach Diet – Php 3,000
Special Diet (Diabetic, Gout, Hypertensive, etc) – Calorie price + Php 250


Currently, TheGoodBoxPH only delivers in the whole Metro Manila area twice a day, in the morning (6am to 10am Mondays to Fridays) or in the afternoon (5pm to 9pm Sundays to Thursdays). So be sure to order before the week’s cut-off to get the delivery on your preferred time.


Overall, I find TheGoodBoxPH services a good option for people who are really busy and do not have the time to prepare their own food. At least, this way, you can be assured that your meals are right for your diet without you having to think about the buying, preparing and cooking each meal per day. With 5 meals already prepared, you have nothing to worry for the whole 5 days.

At Php 500 per day food allowance, it is almost same as having 5 meals in fastfood chain (for Php 100 per meal) without compromising your health.

Just consider that ALL the 5 meals per day are delivered at once. So you have to have access to a refrigerator and warmer o make sure you preserve and prepare your meals in places that you will be at for the day. Like me, I receive my

NOTE: Amidst the bad weather due to two typhoons (Sept. 12, 2017), my meals were still delivered. I wasn’t expecting it really especially that I live in Malabon, yeah, our city and rains are not a good match. Lol.  I would have understood if there were no deliveries.

Kudos to the team.

Plus, I like their version of Pork and beans on that day 🙂

The Good Box PH
Contact 0917-711-1732 / 0925-346-6329

DISCLAIMER: TheGoodBoxPH offered me a two-week program to try their services.

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