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Pharmaton Sparks Inspiration Through Life Chargers Ambassadors

By Posted on 2 m read

Different people… Different strokes. Each has his own motivation to move forward where they want to go.

But what is common to people who are highly-motivated is that they the same people who are so busy with many things and yet still have the time and energy to do so much.

Like the new set of Pharmaton ambassadors, called Life Chargers, they have their own private lives, yet thrive and continue to flourish in the different fields they pursue.

Pharmaton LifeChargers

The Pharmaton Life Chargers is a roster of people who have more energy in life to do multitude of things in themselves and for others. A good example for many people who want to get out most of their lives, yet, think that it is impossible. With these Pharmaton Life Chargers, people can see that success is inevitable for people who are willing to do more.


Hindy Weber Tantoco is a mother of 4, fashion icon, business owner and advocate of holistic health awareness. Her accidental encounter to organic foods led her to push for a healthier lifestyle brought about by naturally-grown foods. This advocacy led her to build an organic foods’ business called Holy Carabao Holistic Farm.

Hindy Weber Tantoco Pharmaton Life Chargers

If being a lawyer seems to be a pretty tough job and demands a lot of time. Wait til you hear about Maxie Abad who is also a triathlete. Imagine the rigorous training needed to be one along side being a lawyer by profession. Abad, who is a former Philippine National Football and founder of Manila Soccer Federation, seems like not stopping both in sports and law in the near future.

Maxie Abad Pharmaton LifeChargers

Michelle Ressa Aventajado a blogger, contributing writer, yoga teacher and advocate for special children. Michelle is a mom of kid who has special concerns. Being one led her to blog about it and later on a staunched advocate for families with special concerns for their children.

Michelle Ressa Aventajado Pharmaton Life Chargers

From a chef, educator, business owner and TV personality, Chef Rob Pengson just keeps adding more things on his plate, as if making a masterpiece dish. Along with his business and career, he is also a husband and a father.

Chef Rob Pengson Pharmaton Life Chargers

Anthony Suntay is a modern day icon to kids wanting to be a sportscaster. As this journalist, radio host, events host is the first Filipino international sportscaster. Now, he is involved in one of the biggest mixed martial arts competition league in the world as commentator, the One FC.

Anthony Suntay Pharmaton Life Chargers

The Pharmaton Life Chargers are real-life examples of how a healthy and balanced lifestyle can do so much for people wanting to accomplish more in life.

Be it in personal or professional aspect of life.

So the question “What Inspires You?” should trigger what you want in your life to happen. Start it now.

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