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Phoenix Memorial Chapel and Crematory Makes Funeral for the Rich and Famous Affordable

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Whether we like it or not, there is only one destination that we will all be going to, and that is death.  Preparing the options for our departure or for someone we love, may seem to be uneasy to bear at first, but being prepared will put some of our concerns when time comes.

For those near Sta. Rosa Laguna, or willing to go there, you can take the advantages of the services provided by Phoenix Memorial Chapel and Crematory with their concept of introducing a more personalized approach to the wake, by giving a walk through of life and memories of the departed.


“This is our own little way of honoring the departed as friends and relatives reflect on the lessons and happy memories of their loved ones,” said Ms. Lhenn Jontongco, OIC for Phoenix.

The personalized memorabilia is part of the packages being offered to the clients of the Phoenix Memorial Chapel and Crematory which also includes a piped-in music for playing the deceased’s favorite music.

“This is something that one usually sees in the wake of the rich and famous. But we believe that it is not something exclusive because rich or poor, famous of unknown, young or old, anyone has affects the life of others in some way,” said Ms. Lhenn Jontongco.

The personalized memorabilia concept reminds the families and friends of the best moments and memories that the departed wanted to be remembered by as he or she journeys to the after life.

Along with personalized memorabilia concept, the Phoenix Memorial Chapel and Crematory makes it easier for the families of the departed a more convenient stay during the wake, with comfortable facilities that include home-like comfortable family rooms for clients and a WIFI access for internet connection can be used for online wake viewing of families from far places and abroad 24/ 7.

“The facilities, however, are just one of the main components of our services. We are also proud of our courteous, hardworking and approachable personnel who all work as a team to provide the best comfort to our clients”

Evident of their sophistication, the Phoenix Memorial Chapel has hotel-like reception and lobby, viewing chapels decorated with European chandeliers of Swarovski crystals, movable partitions, a modern air purifying system that deodorizes the chapel as well and brand new coaches.


Enclosing the Phoenix Memorial Chapel is the Centennial Garden, a memorial park approximately 15 minutes away from Alabang.

The Centennial Garden’s architecture highlights serenity, beauty and “immortality” as accentuated by their Ancient inspiration from Greek mythology.

And for the longest time, that kids feel left out or bored during visitation of wakes or cemeteries, this time, the Centennial Garden, dedicated a place where they could play. Thus, subliminally, making sure that the youngsters do not feel “burdened” visiting the departed loved ones.



While many theme parks offer terrifying things about death, the first ever Leisure Memorial Park will be constructed in Sta. Rosa, Laguna to feature a Necro Tourism site wherein friends and relatives but a walk on one of the famous phases in World History like mummies. 

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