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How to Get the Most of Your Next Adventure Trip – Safely, Securely via Pioneer Insurance

By Posted on 4 m read

Like many others, I love to go outdoors, travel and seek some adventure. I even like sky-diving to be a regular thing for me, if I become rich. I even want to try other “exciting” adventures.

But of course, at the back of your head, you think I am crazy to be too adventurous. But that is the beauty of what I learned last week in an event hosted by Pioneer – one challenging travel adventure – that I said yes to.

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 26

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 24

It was early Saturday morning when me and other 19 bloggers went to Kampo Trexo in Alfonso, Cavite for a challenging trip. The place is more of an adventure trail in the midst of a lush environment.

Good thing Pioneer Insurance provided us with a kit for our challenge, packed with water, sanitizer, towel, repellant, banana, cap, nutribar and candy. But, what’s best is having us sign-up a MediCash Dengue Insurance – good for one year. Since the place is very much habited by mosquitoes. So in case that I get struck by Dengue, I will be getting assistance for only P 350 per year.

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 22

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 21

As soon as we got our packs, we were grouped into four teams to compete. I got into the Pioneer Blue Team along with Cristelle Torres, Rodel Flordeliz, Lou Ventiga and Sef Gutierez.

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 18

First off was a cheer-leading competition, that luckily for us, got us into second place, giving us 75 points.

Next was the rappelling and wall-climbing competition that got us again to second place.

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 16

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 14

Behind by 50 points to a competitive Green Team, the next event, which was a relay race, made us challenge ourselves even more as a team to finish it.

After a little over 10 minutes of the allotted time to finish the relay, our whole team finished the relay happy, safe and sound.

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 8

Not minding about the scores, as we enjoy the competition, we moved to the next event to find our flag in the midst of the mini forest.

Finishing first in the flag-finding, we managed to take a snap before everyone else came to the hill. So a groupie with Pioneer Insurance and fellow blogger Gian Viterbo is but fitting. 😉

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 7

And just before the final event took place, Maricor Olimpo of Outpax, a social networking for adventurers, and one of the partners in the event, took a moment to encourage us lifestyle and travel bloggers to go more outdoors and share our experience in their network.

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 6

To finish-off the competition, one from each team competed for best time.

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 1

As for the Pioneer Blue Team, our efforts did not come to naught – as we took home the first place, surprisingly.

We had a challenging yet fun-filled day. An experience worth remembering. Of course, we wouldn’t be that confident doing the challenges if we felt we weren’t secured.

At the back of my minds, I had to be more relaxed and confident to do the stunts, first from the safety measures of facilities and second from the Pioneer Travel Buddy Insurance that I signed up to before the activities.

Pioneer Insurance Travel Adventure 17

I got a Php 100,000 coverage for any accident that may arise from this adventure. I visited the Pioneer Insurance website, registered myself and insured myself for this trip – and 29 more days after this.

You too can take a leisure trip or an adrenaline-rushing adventure without the worries as getting insured for your next trip is just a few clicks away from your fingertips.

The good thing about the Pioneer Insurance Travel Buddy Adventure is that it covers you even for adventurous hobbies or activities for about Php 100,00 for just a Php 200 premium per month – no matter how many trips you might have.


Land Activities Water Activities Sports (Amateur)
ATV Banana Boat Go-Karting
Bridge Walking Canoeing Roller Blading (no racing)
Bungee Jumping Cave or River Tubing Rowing
Canopy ride Diving Skateboarding
Canopy walking Dragon boating Target Rifle Shooting
Canyon swinging Fly fish
Free Fall Jet Ski
Horseback Riding Kayaking
Hot Air Ballooning Kiteboarding
Mountain Climbing Kitesurfing
Rapeling Parasailing / Windsurfing
Rock Climbing Parascending
Safari Rift Walking
Sand boarding Rock Climbing
Spelunking Sailing
Tree drop Scuba Diving
Trekking Skimboarding
Whale shark diving Snorkelling
Zip Lining Surfing
Zorbing Wakeboarding
Water Skiing
White-water rafting

Same thing goes to those who are just leisure travelers who can get Php 100,000 coverage for just Php 100 premium per month of unlimited trips.

Pioneer has you covered also against this disease with MediCash Dengue Insurance, which is also available on InsureShop for P350. This plan provides one-year coverage with P10,000 cash assistance upon diagnosis of Dengue for individuals from 1 to 70 years old.

Of course, we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to us, but, this is a wise way of a real worry-free leisure and adventure traveling.

To your next trip. Hoorah!

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