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Reasons Why I Eat at Razon’s of Guagua

By Posted on 4 m read

Personally, my “rason” (reason) for eating in Razon’s of Guagua is the Halo-Halo. I love their halo-halo. It’s, by far, the best halo-halo I’ve tasted.

And recently, the opportunity to try other dishes from the Pampanga-native restaurant’s roster.


Being in the Razon’s restaurant in Eastwood is really an odd thing for me. Since, I’m used to eating their halo-halo on foodcourts of Robinson’s Galleria, Trinoma and their small SM North outlet.

So, their place in Eastwood, offers a different thing. It is a full restaurant dine-in place. Here, any Razon’s halo-halo “fan” may find it a better experience than their other sites in the malls.

I just hope that Razon’s will have bigger spaces, like the one in Eastwood, eventually, in bigger malls. 😉


I have yet to see a Razon’s branch that lacks in the service area. They serve halo-halo fast. And no wonder, even their main dishes were served fast, during our try. In their other branches that I went to, the staff were courteous.


I tried some of their dishes, all of which are with the Pampangueno-signature style of cooking – TASTY.

CHICHARON WITH ATCHARA (Php 100.00 – Chicharon Only, Atchara – soon to be launched formally)

I eat chicharon and atchara, anytime when available. But this time around, Mr. Roman Baltazar Jr. (VP for Marketing of Razon’s) have us try chicharon with atchara. Yes, together.

I usually eat chicharon dipped on vinegar, but after tasting chicharon with atchara, it sure did taste good. It was a first for me to try the combination and now I know why it’s Mr. RJ’s favorite. This is a must-try. If you haven’t done this combo, then, better try it. If you have already, then, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.


Their Pancit Luglug looks more of a palabok than a pancit. Or probably that’s how kapangpangans call the palabok (Though my Lola is kapangpangan, I honestly don’t know about it. Hehehehe) This is the current second bestseller of Razon’s, there is a reason why – it’s a tasty pancit (or palabok) that’s why.


Another all-Pinoy combo meal that you’ll surely like. Razon’s putos have “sticky” texture similar to a kutchinta. So, I think, it’s not just the puto made of rice flour or baking flour. Of course, the puto, combined with dinuguan? Wonderful. 😉


Putting gravy on bulalo was really new to me. If you are up to try this one, well, you better be. Bulalo’s are known for us casual diners to be prepared with soup. This time around in Razon’s, they make bulalo with sauce similar to gravy. It tastes good.


Their version of sisig is good with rice. The taste is a little different from the usual sisig most Pinoy’s love to eat on the side with alcohol. Razon’s version is more of an “ulam” than a “pulutan” (NOTE: Razon’s do not offer beers and alcohol products)


The taste of this dish is not the usual asado. It was more similar to mechado or afritada, for my taste. Razon’s Chicken Pork Asado was really a nice treat for me. The sauce was wonderfully concocted. Haven’t tasted something exactly like their taste. This is another must-try in Razon’s

ARROZCALDO (Php 80.00)

Now, if you’re craving for something hot, soup, yet heavy meal, Razon’s arrozcaldo might fit your craving. Note that the yellowish oil on the side of their Arrozcaldo is said to make the porridge tastier – chicken oil.

SYLVANAS (Php 28.00)

Sylvanas of Dumaguete is one of my favorite pastries, ever. Good thing few of local stores in Metro Manila offer sylvanas. One is Razon’s. Their sylvanas taste good. The sweetness and taste are just right for my taste buds. It is to note, that it is best eaten a few minutes after it is taken out of the refrigerator, to appreciate a better feel of the texture of Razon’s sylvanas.


Another good buy for people with sweet tooth. Their ensaymada has the right softness that most of bread lovers will like.

HALO-HALO (Php 90.00)

Hands down. Razon’s halo-halo is the best. Thus, even if their halo-halo is pricier compared to other halo-halo, I’d still prefer their halo-halo.

What’s amazing with Razon’s halo-halo is that with the simplicity of having ONLY four ingredients (Banana, Macapuno, Leche Flan and Milk), yet, they masterfully crafted a halo-halo that tastes really great. The sweetness is right for any ones taste. Plus, the ice is wonderfully shaved, that anyone would be surprise to think, “HOW ARE THEY SHAVING THEIR ICE?”.

The texture and feel of the ice on the mouth and tongue is really different.

So, I personally asked Mr. Baltazar to disclose what is their secret to such kind of ice on their halo-halo. Their secret, he said, NONE. Surprisingly, they have the same ice shaver that other stores have. So, the only thing they differ is the style and consistency of the ice they train their employees to do.


Razon’s of Guagua proves to be more than just a halo-halo bar or merienda bar. With their addition (and there will be more soon, as they disclosed), you can expect more from this Pampanga-born food business. So, if I haven’t given you more “rason” (reason) to try it out? I don’t know anymore what to say. Hehehe.

So, if you are up for a sumptuous Filipino meal with your family and friends, Razon’s of Guagua, is a reason for you to eat.

Razon’s of Guagua is a relatively young company and very promising. I will feature them on my soon-to-launch business site. I wouldn’t be surprised if they can be the next Jollibee. Jollibee was a soft ice cream parlor when it started (if I’m not mistaken), Razon’s a halo-halo store. Not too far-off. 🙂

Thanks to Mr. Roman Baltazar of Razon’s of Guagua and OpenRice)

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