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Secure Power for Your Gadgets Even On the Fly with Lifemate

By Posted on 3 m read

What is the value of your gadgets, capturing the moments in your trips, if you don’t have power, right? Sadly, this can limit your fun or even spoil important moments in your adventures, if not the whole trip.

This is what Lifemate, a brand of power banks and chargers distributed by Power Mac Center locally, is addressing. The on-the-go power solution for any type of activities. From the subtle stroller to an active, rugged adventurer, the Lifemate has a solution for anyone.

Lifemate Apollo Lifemate Bear Power Mac Center 1


Let’s face it, almost everyone is guilty of being “tied-up” with their own gadget/s. Whether you’re at the office or out in a far-flung places that signal and electricity is beyond reach, the things you would want in your bag is either your smartphone or camera to capture your activities and share them later on in social media. That’s why power, is such a necessity along side with your gadgets.


If you’re into active to extreme activities, then the Lifemate power bank is for you: Power Eagle, Power Bear and Power Lion.

The Lifemate power banks are made of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LFP) high-capacity power banks. All three have WATER-RESISTANT capabilities rated at IPX8 which allows the product to withstand constant immersion in water and stay for up to 1.2 meters for an hour. The Lifemate power banks are also drop-proof and dust-proof, making them a good companion for any outdoor adventure.

Power Eagle is lightweight and palm-sized, with a capacity of 6,000mAh. It is ideal for daytime and overnight excursions, and is designed for easy duration outdoor sports like hiking, fishing and kayaking.

Power Bear, with its medium-sized capacity of 12,000mAh, is suited for most extended outdoor activities including yachting, ski trips and off-road excursions.

Power Lion, on the other hand, supports a 24,000 mAh capacity that enables users to enjoy long-term outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and mountain climbing.


There’s another Lifemate product that comes handy with your powerbank and gadgets, especially if you’re always under the sun, walking or trekking, the Lifemate Apollo line of solar panel chargers can be pretty handy.

To save the power of your power bank on a latter time, you can always charge your gadget (and even powerbank) using the Apollo charger.

Using sunlight, the Lifemate Apollo solar panels convert solar energy to electrical to your device. This feature is  perfect for campers who need power banks to sustain their activities in the wild and for backpackers who are in for a long trek.

Whether your trekking or just waiting in your tent, the Lifemate Apollo solar panel charger can help you power up your gadgets. Just spread the solar panel and plug-in, and you’re good to go.

So there’s no need to limit your usage of your gadgets (smartphone, cameras, action camera and even power bank) when going outdoors.

I was able to try the Lifemate Apollo (2-panels) during our trek in Mt. Pinatubo, and I have to say, it is very handy, considering it is lightweight and I just hung it on my Rivacase backpack and I was good to go.


Lifemate Power Eagle Outdoor Powerbank 6,000 mAh Black – P 4,650
Lifemate Power Bear Outdoor Powerbank  12,000 mAh Black – P 6,490
Lifemate Apollo 1 (2 Solar Panels) Black – P 2,980

The Lifemate products will be available in selected Power Mac Center starting this May 2016. Contact Power Mac Center to know about availability of Lifemate near you.

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