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“Thrill” Travelling to Zambales : Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Philippines

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The brushing wind to my face…

Mix of cool air and warm sunlight…

Lush greenery of the countryside…

All of which just flashing so fast as I rode behind a 1700cc two-wheel cruiser en route to Zambales as part of a new tour package from Travel Concierge on what they now call Ride Along Motorcycle Tours.

(Updated with rates and video at the bottom)

Ride Along Motorcycle Tours is a first in the country that takes a “thrill-joy ride” in select destinations along with a maximum of 6 motorcycles.

As for me, I was tagged to go a 2D/1N trip to Zambales, together with 2 other bloggers (Ruth dela Cruz and MJ de Leon) and try this new MoTourism.

It was an early meet-up at NLEX to catch a light breakfast before getting into one of the four big bikes. I rode a white Kawasaki Vulcan who was driven by Borgs Campit.


Before riding, we were briefed on how the tour would go, how we should be riding, and how we can protect ourselves. Pat Favoreal, founder and CEO of Travel Concierge, led the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours team in ensuring that we get protected the best way we can.

I geared up wearing helmet, protection jacket and knee guards. Plus, not to mention that we are all covered of up to 100,000 travel insurance as part of the tour.


It was a good thing that we started our trip inside NLEX already. Given the slow movement of traffic in Metro Manila, it would be a pity to start the experience on the city roads, so it was a great idea by Pat to start our trip in the expressway already.

Riding on a Kawasaki Vulcan was a first for me. Add the rush as well of running at 140 km / hr, which was another first as well. I have driven motorcycles before but only at a top speed of 105 km/hr. But the 140 km /hr, whew, it gave me the rush.

To be honest, I only slept 3 hours before the ride, and I was anxious that I’d be sleepy, but getting to that speed combined with a new appreciation of the view at the expressway, made me feel more awake.

I never really appreciated the view on the road side of NLEX and SCTEX, since when traveling on those area either on a bus or car, make me usually sleepy, thus, making it less to see the sides. But with the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours experience give me a different perspective.

We traveled an estimated 342 kilometers of bike ride at a max speed of 140km / hr in a total of 6 hours of ride from Manila to Zambales and back.


After 3 hours of road “thrill” (including 1 stopover), we arrived at our destination in Zambales at around 10:30am. We took our brunch and rested for a while before getting out to the beach to chill out.

Rey Belen Crystal Beach Zambales


To understand more on the Zambales 2Days – 1 Night trip, here is a breakdown of Ride Along Motorcycle Tours’ package that includes the rental of the motorcycle, toll fees, gasoline, travel insurance, safety gears and service fees for the driver.

Aside from the basic services, the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours include a tailing van for the things and back-up motorcycles. Making sure that anytime you are tired or wish to get-off the motorcycle, you can, without spoiling the whole journey.

Other packages include Manila night ride, Tagaytay, Laiya, Baguio, Baler, 100 Islands and Bagasbas. For details, you can visit the Travel Concierge website directly.

Special thanks to the team of Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Philippines led by husband and wife tandem Pat and Lala Favoreal, Ratsky, Ross, and my rider Borg.


(L-R Ratsky, Ruth, Me,Ross, Lala, Pat, Borg and MJ)


So, if you plan to take on this adventure riding, here are some of the things you need know:

  1. It is not an easy trip. You are to ride a bike for hours. Though you can ask your rider to stop at times when you feel discomfort.
  2. It is best to wear “maong” pants and rubber shoes or leather boots.
  3. Dri-fit shirt is advisable as undershirt for the protective jacket.
  4. Understand the briefing carefully as it points how you ride properly to enjoy your ride.
  5. Bring eyeglasses to protect your eyes.
  6. Expect unpredictable weather.
  7. Expect great company from the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours team.


Though it might be a thrilling adventure and a rather “extreme” for others, I find that the whole trip to be safe. Driving on an underbone motorcycle along Commonwealth is more dangerous than cruising at 140km/hr at the expressway.

So, overall, I would definitely try this again. And I wouldn’t be surprised if more destinations will be plotted soon by Ride Along Motorcycle Tours team.

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